Favorite Add-On Accessories for your 2023 Planner!

We are all about accessories. Our overall favorite add-ons for any planner are these! 

Our 2023 Dated Line Lineup includes!
Two Dated Weekly Planners

2023 Annual Dated Weekly Casebound
From the above shown this one has a Sidekick, PenpalStuck On You, Take Note, Grid Dot Bestie, Washi Tape, Assorted Stickers, and additionally, you will want to have a Casebound Ruler

2023 Annual Dated Weekly Spiral
You will want to have a Spiral Ruler, Take Note, Gym Pal, Sidekick, Pen Pal, Stuck On You, and of course Washi Tape! Having washi tape for your weekly planner is great for blocking, adding color, and moving things around. 

Three Dated Daily Planners 

2023 Annual Dated Daily Casebound
You will want to have a Casebound Ruler, Stuck On You, This Week Notepad, and Washi Tape! Washi Tape is great for a daily planner to move pages around like a This Week Notepad to keep track of your entire week. 

2023 Annual Dated Daily Spiral
You will want to have a Spiral Ruler, Bestie, Sidekick, Pen Pal, and This Week Notepad/Masterplan Notepad these are a great way to get prepared for the week with a master list if you have a daily planner.

2023 Annual Dated Daily A5 Binder System
You will want to have an A5 Binder Ruler, Clear Catch-All, Extra Notes, This Week Notepad, Grid Dot Bestie, and a Take Note! Our Take Note is our newest accessory and we truly believe you will fall in love with just as much as we did. 

Click HERE to get your accessories today! 

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