Getting To Know Us: We LOVE fall!

This team loves us some fall! Call us basic, but we love pumpkin spice everything, falling leaves, long sleeves, and cool weather! I asked our lady crew to share their favorite fall things with me (and you) and this is what they had to say. 
"Fall...I think of football. When you have three boys and a husband who is obsessed, you grow to LOVE it. Although I do love football, the community aspect is what I love the most. Meeting new friends at my oldest sons game and having friends and family over for games. Really it just brings people together. People and togetherness is what I love most!" 
"My favorite thing about fall is EVERYTHING!!! I love love love living in the PNW because we have 4 distinct seasons. I love cozy plaid flannels, furry blankets, football Sundays, crockpot soups, hiking with my dog in the fall leaves, and yes… I’ll admit it, I'm a sucker for the pumpkin everything craze! If I had to pick JUST ONE thing, it would be the smells of fall —the first rain,  and mulled cider. That smell warms my heart!" 
"What I love most about fall are all the fun memories that are to be had... attending festivals and craft shows with my mom, picking apples at Mercier Orchards with my hubby, carving pumpkins, and filling the home with scents of apple cider and cinnamon broomsticks. Oh, and how could I forget, CANDY CORN! Umm, jumbo bag right here, please ;)"
"My favorite things about fall are pumpkin farms, hay rides, apple orchards, moonshine festival and the Cumming fair. I love, love this time of year with the leaves changing and the weather getting cooler."
"As a girl from Wisconsin, I crave the cooler weather that comes with fall in Georgia. The best day ever is the day I can put on a hoodie and be comfy all day. Its time for butternut soup, slow-cooker dinners, and movie nights!"
"My favorite things about fall are scarves, boots, pumpkin spice lattes, lighting fall scented candles and warm cozy sweaters!"

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