Halloween Doesn't Have to be Scary for Your Schedule

It’s Halloween and you’re supposed to host a party for your kids, friends, or family. You may feel it’s too late to put some thorough planning into the party you’ve got coming tonight, and you’ll have to sacrifice your schedule in order to get things set up. It’s never too late to make last minute plans (but it certainly helps to have them written out at the start of the month).

So let's get this organized so your last minute preparation can get this party going off without a hitch. Here are the things you should take care of today:
First off, if you have kids to take care of, and you are hosting an adult oriented party, taking care of the little ones is your top priority. Maybe you can draw straws with the friends and see who can take the flock out trick-or-treating that night, or if any of your guests have teens, it’ll be a good time for them to spend time with their younger siblings.

Now you need to figure out if and how your guests are going to be fed throughout the party, is it a spooky pot-luck? There are plenty of online guides that can have quick and easy recipes with the season in mind, which you could share on a Facebook event page for your guests to pick out what they’re bringing. If you have picky eaters, dietary restrictions, or food allergies in your circle, then these should also be posted up on the facebook page before food is set up for the party so that everyone can have a good time. When it comes to distributing items for guests to bring, it helps to list out what you need and then Delegate it to volunteers.

At this late hour, it’s likely unable to get a good established costume theme out of your guests as this puts a lot of pressure on them to scour the remainder of the Halloween stores to find anything that fits, so if it’s a costume party you are hosting, you’ll probably have to skip out on a themed dress-code and center your theming around your decor instead (Which the attention to detail of will of course vary by just how much spare time you have before the party is set to begin).

The worst problem with working out the details of your Halloween party this late is that unless you have the party hammered down for tonight, it’s likely many of your guests won’t be available as they have their own engagements and parties. If you can get everyone to agree to come over through texting and social media, perfect, but if not you may want to take the easier path and compromise your schedule to fit in your Halloween party next weekend so that everyone can still come and enjoy your party while having an excuse to use their costume for this year one more time.

Last but not least, try not to over work yourself to make this event perfect for your guests. While a perfect party is a nice ideal to strive for, as it is the start of the holiday season, it’s best to keep in mind that what matters is quality time with the people you care about.

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