Handwrite Your Notes to be More Efficient

Although a large collection of apps like Onenote and Evernote make collecting and organizing ideas fairly easy, especially if you are working with web addresses. However, if you want to make sure that the notes you take stay fresh in your mind, you would be much better off taking a few seconds longer and writing your notes and ideas down by hand. The benefits of handwriting your notes also far outweighs any time you might save by using a note-taking app.

At this point, it is more or less common knowledge that using a pen and paper to jot down notes has a large impact on your ability to recall whatever was written down. By internalizing new information in this manner, you will be able to much more easily remember not only the specific information you wrote down but also a good chunk of the supporting details.

If you’re the type who already takes notes or are planning to start this highly beneficial habit, we recommend getting your hands on our Think Tank notepad.

Compared to sticky pads or loose-leaf lined paper, the Think Tank is a perfect size for writing down new ideas, goals, things to do or any other kind of list. And if you happen to also have one of our great planners, pages from the Think Tank fit great when taped onto the planner’s page, giving you the option to move your list in a way that keeps it front and center no matter what day of the week you are on.

While everyone writes things down differently, that doesn’t change the fact that taking notes by hand will benefit you tremendously. You’ll be more aware of the work you’re doing and - if you wrote down the steps needed to complete the task - your path will already be laid out in front of you. By taking notes and taking a moment to plan things before you get started, you’ll find your time spent working is much more efficient and that the work completed will also be higher quality.

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