Having a Solid Schedule Doesn’t Mean Being in a Rut

We all have that one friend who like to “live in the moment” and who never plans anything out. Invariably, she or he is the one who shows up late to events and can’t seem to get their life heading in quite the right direction. You might even be the one who doesn’t want to live on a schedule (which wouldn’t really make sense considering you’re here of all places). This friend is also quick to judge people who schedule their lives using planners with comments like, “I don’t want to be in a rut” or “That’d just make me too predictable.”

Here’s the thing, though - just because you write down what you need to do for any given day doesn’t mean you’re even close to being in a rut. All it really means is that you’re more likely to 1) succeed at your day-to-day tasks and 2) be more successful in general.

However, that should not and does not equate to being in a rut. Not in the least. If you write something fun into your schedule (wine/coffee with friends, date night with significant other, extreme napping, etc), does that make whatever you did less fun? If you write down the things you know are coming up soon, you’ll be more prepared by having work completed by the time the event arrives (and be smart enough to commit to anything the following morning, assuming some combination of drinks and your best friends are involved) and have more fun for it.

Look, there’s certainly something to be said for letting loose occasionally, but that doesn’t mean it should be a philosophy you live by. In pretty much any case, writing down what you’re going to do (whether a daily routine or a one-time event) is going to help you get things done, achieve higher tiers of success and really spend your free time doing whatever it is you love to do.

Really, if that’s what a rut is, we’re ready to sign up for that and we’ll make sure to jot it in our planners.

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