Holiday Gift Guide for the productivity lover!


Can you guys believe that the holidays are just around the corner and with cookie exchanges, holiday parties, and traditions galore, we thought you might want to get a jump on your holiday shopping!


We wanted to come up with a list that is perfect for increasing productivity and making things happen! We have compiled a list of our top 10 gifts for the productivity lover and we think you're going to love it!! The only thing missing now is the eggnog and wrapping paper! Gift giving has never been so easy and here are just some of the things we love! 



I mean... this one is a no-braniner right?  :) Of course we think our Hustle Planner makes a great gift! Be a gift giving super hero this year with the gift of ultimate organization and goal crushing! Your friends, family, boss, teacher, neighbor, & virtually anyone on your list will love it's beautiful design and functionality.  ;) 


A grown-up twist on the elementary school #2 pencil. With fun colors and phrases like "Goal Crushin'" and "Like a Boss," they are easy to tuck into an office gift exchange, stocking or even tie on top of a pretty present for a picture perfect presentation! 


The office should be a place that inspires!! After all, you are there 8+ hours a day, let's make it pretty!! We think a punch of color on the walls goes a long way and we LOVE abstract pieces by our 2017 cover artist, Hannah Joiner Crosby! 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Water makes you feel better and studies show that being hydrated helps you focus and improves your overall productivity.... so what better gift than a pretty water bottle to sit on their desk that just screams "DRINK ME!" This is one we came across a loved. 

Another fun stocking stuffer or add-on, we just love these Fuel and Delegate notepads that encourage yet another level of organization with a pop of color! Fuel is great for on the go groceries and delegate is great for those to do lists that you need to assign. 

Oils are all the rage and with health benefits ranging from fewer germs, more energy, to better over all well being, we think that every office needs an oil diffuser and we just adore the simplicity and clean lines of this Aria Diffuser from Young Living Oils.  We are not experts on oils but if you need a contact that is reach out and we can connect you! 

Life is messy! Its nice to be able to erase from time to time! These Erasable Frixion Gel Pens come in a variety of pretty colors and are great for color coding your planner and notes!

Every one loves a coffee mug and with fun and motivational phrases, your coworkers will be fighting over this one at the gift exchange! There are a ton on Etsy and coffee mugs are easy fun gifts. 


Papers. They pile up and add so much distraction. Get them out of site and organized with these adorable Kate Spade files that will actually look cute on the desk!. 


Sometimes it's not easy to focus in the office with all the chatter and noise. Or if you are trying to focus in the house. Yes we know the feeling.  We love to drown out the background noise so we can focus in and crush our goals, and these stylish beats headphones are the perfect accessory to do just that! 


It is crazy to be already thinking about the holidays but if you or someone you know loves organization or has some pretty big goals to meet, these items might just be the perfect gift! 

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