How Do I Get More Done At Work? Plan Your Business Week Out In Advance

It is common practice for business professionals to rush to the office first thing Monday morning to get a jump on their activities and plans for the week. Diving head first into your projects and activities may seem like a smart idea that would lead to improved productivity, but a better idea may be to plan out your week by creating a daily schedule.
It only takes a few minutes to plan out key to-do items, special meetings and more for the week, and this effect can result in significant benefits. In fact, you can enjoy each of these benefits you when you spend a few minutes planning out and visualizing your week in advance.

Reduced Stress

For some people, stress levels are high at the beginning of the week when you think about everything you need to get done during the work. There may be a mad cramming session for the first few days of the week to get everything done followed by a lull of relative inactivity. On the other hand, some people may ease into their week by taking it easy on Monday, but you may pay for this day of inactivity later in the week when you have mountains of to-do items pending and less time to complete them in. You can easily reduce your stress level throughout the week by planning to do a little each day and by prioritizing the most urgent items first.

Greater Productivity

As you might well know, when you rush through projects either at the beginning or end of the week, there is good chance that you will need to revise the shoddy, rushed work that you did. This means that you may take more time to get the project done than it would have taken if you had done it right. In addition, you have down periods when you do not schedule your time when you have very few things to do. These are all factors that can impact productivity. By planning your week out, you can ensure that you are productive each day. 

A Balanced Life

Many people have both personal and professional responsibilities and activities that demand their attention. By planning your week out, you can pencil in doctor’s and dental points or other personal items so that they are not crammed into an already busy workday. You can also reduce the chance that you have to stay at work playing catch-up when you really should be at home with your family and friends in the evening.

Fewer Last Minute Activities

When you fail to create a schedule for the week, there is a good chance that you will overlook important to-do items. For example, you may get swamped working on a project you left until the last minute, and you may entirely forget about an important meeting. This can create a great deal of stress, rushing around and the need to re-schedule some items if possible. This ultimately can cost you time and can make your life miserable.

Scheduling your activities for the week on both a personal and professional level can help you to stay organized. This effort may be completed Friday afternoon before you leave for the weekend or first thing Monday morning for the best results.
It can ensure that you are productive rather evenly throughout the week rather than feeling excessively burdened on a specific day. It also helps you to avoid overlooking important tasks that demand your attention and can help you to balance your life. If you are not currently scheduling your life in a daily planner, make an effort to bring this change into your life. 
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