How to get more done! Short Video Tips!

Why do we exist? To help YOU get more done. Our mission is that simple! We create courses to help teach you, create products/tools that enable productivity, and we help to foster a community where we all can just help each other! We are all just taking steps every day to better ourselves!

We asked Kristy to give 5 quick tips on how she gets the most done and is more productive.  We loved this so much that we broke down the 5 tips below and created 5 short videos in less than a minute so that you can learn, apply, and go! We are starting the last quarter of 2022 soon! Are you ready?  Dive in below!


1. Monday or Sunday Start Aligning Digital and Paper Planner- Digital calendars are essential, especially when keeping appointments with families and teams. But we also know the importance of having a paper planner to visualize it all out. If you didn't know this, you can customize your digital phone calendar to match your paper calendar! Watch Here


2. Keep a Master List - Yes, build out a list for the week. Allocating times throughout the week on where to get items done. Whether you write a master list or keep it digital, it is so crucial to move projects along to keep master lists to keep etching away at them! Watch Here. 


3. Planning out Meals for the Week - Pick a day I like, Sunday, and plan out meals for the week! Building out meals around commitments and backing those meals into a grocery list! Watch Here! 


4. Using a pen or pencil? Do you like a pen or a pencil or a combo? We happen to like both for their function, and here is why! Watch Here! 


5. A Day with Kristy in her Quarterly! Yes, she decided to wrap it up by sharing a day and what that looks like for her! Watch Here


We hope you loved those tips to finish out 2022 strong!! If you currently don't have a planner, grab a planner, and let's finish out 2022 strong!  The ONLY way to guarantee your 2023 planner is to order it now! Reminder those are still on preorder. Get your 2023 Planner HERE!

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