How To Get Organized For Life

Life can be so hectic that everything you do looks messy and confusing. You agree with me that most of the time you feel wretched and overwhelmed with how disorganized you are. This feeling can go on for months or years and take a toll on your normal life if you don't take a bold step to turn things around and begin focusing on items that make you happy. These tips will help you to declutter your life and make time for things that are truly meaningful.

Write everything down

Do not trust your brain to remember everything you learn or plan to do. The truth is that you will forget most of the things you are supposed to do after a few hours. You need to capture them somewhere and go over them from time to time. Jot down what you plan to do from the morning and throughout the day. Allocate a suitable timeline for each task and check the list regularly. Writing everything down will bring clarity and remind you what to focus on at a particular time. This way, you can keep track of important things instead of concentrating on low-priority tasks.

Get rid of clutter

Eliminate clutter from your bedroom, sitting room and office. Remove sticky notes, old papers, magazines and junk mail from your desk at work. Check your closet and get rid of things you don’t need. Closets are known for being cluttered with old shirts and shoes. Open the drawers you often use and pull out the items you don’t require. Wipe out everything that is broken, leaking, expired or damaged from your house. Clean the house and review your commitments to friends and family. Do not commit too much on appointments or over-promise your time for them. Clear your mental clutter by getting rid of appointments you cannot keep.

Use a plannner

You can use an app if you like. But of course we love old school planning tactics at STARTplanner :) A day planner  will get your organized. 

Plan ahead for your meals

The secret to living an organized life is staying healthy and having a peace of mind. This is only possible if you eat recommended foods at the right time. Plan ahead for your meals. Make dinner menus for the whole week during the weekend. Maintain a shopping list of groceries in the refrigerator or on another visible spot. Organize your kitchen. Clear out the containers for items so that you can see them clearly when cooking. Group the cooking items based on how often you use them.

Organize your time wisely

You need to allocate twice as much time you require to complete a task. This allows you to cater for interruptions. Break down your projects into smaller portions and schedule them in your day planner. It is also imperative you get a high-quality watch and wear it whenever you are going to work or attending events. A watch will help you keep track of time and ensure you operate within the set limits. It will also help you to avoid being late for important appointments.
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