How To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Budget- Why Outsourcing is a Better Value Than In House

Digital marketing is a powerful tool when it's done right and has the potential to revolutionize your business. Being able to reach out and find exactly the market that you're looking for, exactly when they're ready to buy is something that marketers of the past could only dream of. While digital marketing is beneficial for most businesses, if you don't handle it correctly, your budget could get blown out of the water quickly. If you are looking to live the "laptop lifestyle" then you will want to scale your organization quickly and efficiently.

One of the great debates that many companies have when implementing digital marketing is whether they should keep the activities in house or outsource them. Both methods have some value in the right situation, but most companies would benefit by outsourcing it to a qualified party. Why is outsourcing generally the best path to go down?

Employees Are Expensive

Perhaps the biggest argument in favor of taking the outsource path is that employees are extremely expensive. Every employee that you add, adds a large amount of money to the costs of the company. In many cases, business owners fail to realize just how much employees cost them.

If you're only looking at the wages of the employee, then you're not getting the whole picture. There are payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, health insurance, retirement benefits, lost time in productivity, and a host of other factors. All of these things add up quickly.

Competent Outsourcing


While some activities, you don't want to outsource, digital media does not fall into that category. There are many qualified services out there that can handle all of the digital advertising that you might need. In most cases, they can do just as good of a job as an in house person could for a fraction of the cost overall.

Digital media has become so complex and so specialized that it's difficult to keep up with all of the trends and changes. If you rely on one in house person to learn all of that, it can be challenging. Many digital media firms have teams of people that are dedicated to keeping up with the trends and the changes. It makes it much more feasible to stay on top of things in the digital world compared to just having one person handle it.
Take for instance, content marketing, seo and facebook ads. Can you have ONE PERSON who is skilled in all those things? Possibly but to get someone who is a SUPER PRO on all these things is a rarity. So since as entrepreneurs we want to get the most bang for our dollars, we often look to outsource to companies who have that expertise.

Grouping Tasks

One of the basic concepts of productivity is being able to group tasks together. When you group similar tasks together, you get in a groove and do each one more efficiently. If you stop and start and go back and forth between tasks all the time, you'll be much less efficient overall.

This basic concept is one of the major things that digital media companies have going for them compared to in house talent. For example, let's say that you have an in house person who is going to handle all of your digital media. In a typical day they will have to go through a myriad of tasks that are essentially unrelated. They might go from graphic design to analytics to writing content to making posts on social media all in a short period of time. When you look at each one of those tasks individually, they're not that much alike and require very different skill sets. By comparison, when you utilize outsourcing, all of those tasks could be allocated to an individual who is working on nothing but similar tasks all day. For example, all of the graphic design can be directed to a graphic designer within the outsourcing company. By doing this, the work is done much more efficiently.

Overall, you have a lot to gain by outsourcing your digital media work. You can save time, get better results and save money.
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