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Weddings are far too easy to overspend on. The perfect venue, the delectable cake, the fairy-tale or ideal dress, the flowers, the decorations...and the list goes on and on. Since most people need to use one of the many wedding budgets that are out there, it is worth the time to think about getting a wedding budget planner.

There are many types of wedding budgets just as there are many types of couples. They can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet, or as complicated as a whole notebook just for the budget. This is a personal choice that depends heavily on the couple's preferences and tastes. However, a good middle-of-the-road plan can be found in the budget section of a good wedding planner, like the one offered by Happily Hitched.

This compromise between simple and complex has many advantages. Since the budget plan is kept with the ideas and set details, it is much easier to consider all the parts of planning together. This is a large benefit, as it prevents focusing on just one or two aspects of the wedding day. All the plans are also in a central location, thus eliminating the stress of maintaining multiple plans and finding all the pieces. With all the stress already surrounding such an important day, it is imperative to lower the level whenever it is possible.

A all-inclusive planner also helps with communications. For example, if the bakery calls back with a range of cakes and prices, it is much easier to write down what suits the ideal and the practical if both plans are in the same book or digital organizer. Or what if a bridesmaid suggests a different style of dress? The budget and the ideas are right there together, waiting for the couple's approval.

Most importantly, it will help one keep within the stated budget. After all, this was what any budget was meant to do in the first place! It is very easy to become so involved with the perfection and details of the big day that the cost of such things fades into the background. Within a certain level, of course, money is not an object. Unfortunately, for most people, this cannot be sustained. Instead of giving up on the ideal dress, a well-planned budget can direct the couple's attention to the expensive flowers that they have as centerpieces on the reception tables. Perhaps a substitution is in order there instead in the bride's dream!

In the end, there is no 'one size fits all' approach with wedding budgets. They are as unique and diverse as the couples looking forward to their special day. However, this should not make wedding budget intimating or apparently unworkable. On the contrary, it is such a simple tool. It reduces stress, ensures that the couple makes the best use of their resources, enables communications with so many people, and makes the hectic whirl of wedding planning a little bit easier on everyone. What's to prevent the use of it?
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