How To Plan the perfect honeymoom- Using Happily Hitched

The wedding and reception plans are going well, but the honeymoon is still up for grabs. How will you plan the perfect getaway when you are not even sure as to where you and your future spouse want to go? Happily Hitched can help.

The Number One Reason Why Honeymoons Fall Flat

Many couples enjoy lavish wedding ceremonies and receptions only to take a quick trip to a popular tourist attraction. While there is nothing wrong with going to Vegas or Paris after the wedding, it is problematic to select such destinations out of desperation because you failed to plan ahead.

Honeymoons fall apart due to inadequate preparation. You spend all of your time orchestrating the perfect ceremony and reception and forget about one of the greatest nights of your marriage. The honeymoon marks the beginning of a union that could last a lifetime. Why wouldn't you want the occasion to be well-researched and planned?

Preparation is Key

You and your partner should answer the following questions when preparing for your honeymoon experience:
  • "What do we want to get out of the experience?" The honeymoon is about connecting on all levels and not just sexually.
  • "How much can we afford?" Composing a budget just for the honeymoon, instead of merely including it somewhere in your ceremony and reception budget, helps you narrow down your vacation choices. You may want to go to Paris, but your finances may say otherwise.
  • "Where do we want to go?" It is a good idea to create a list of possibilities after going over your budget and choosing the best location from there.
  • "What is the transportation like in the destination of our choice?" Vacationing in the desert may require a rental car. Spending time on an island may not call for such accommodation.
  • "How far in advance should we schedule hotels and travel?" It is recommended that newlyweds-to-be schedule hotels and travel to their honeymoon destinations eight months in advance. You may, however, need to consider planning a year beforehand if your location is a popular attraction.


How Happily Hitched Can Help

The Happily Hitched wedding planner can help you plan the perfect honeymoon. This organizer is not the average business calendar that provides a space for you to include your wedding day goals alongside other obligations. This planner is solely for your nuptial ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. There is space for brainstorming and even a built-in envelope so that you can stay organized when determining which favors are right for your special day.

Happily Hitched knows that every aspect of the wedding experience is significant, which is why they provide a keepsake box in which you can store your wedding planner after all of the magic of your special day has subsided. Just imagine yourself looking back at everything that you went through during preparation to accomplish all of your wedding and honeymoon goals. Such is the beauty of Happily Hitched.

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