How To Power Through A Bad Day

Having a bad day is not an extraordinary experience. Everyone gets one or more in a month. However, some bad days just get on our nerves, and they can disrupt our work, relationships, mental health, and lifestyle.

Some people choose binge eating or drinking as a way to relieve themselves of stress. Some, swear and yell at people to let their emotions out, only to regret it later. But you don't have to add that one bad day to your already filled-up sack bag of stress.

There are many ways to overcome a bad day without feeling any regret afterward.

  1. Breathe

Yes, one of the key ways you can get away with a stressful situation is to breathe and react calmly. If you choose to respond to an awful stimulus in an angry, violent or negative manner, you are only adding more wood to the fire.

Don't make the bad situation worse. No matter how difficult it is to keep your cool, do it. You will save yourself of more trouble later because you might end up either in an embarrassing or dangerous situation depending on the case.

If you want to get even by saying negative comments, think again.

Breathe and don't respond in an angry or emotional way to people, especially at work.

Find a quiet place where you can sit down for a couple of minutes and let it all out. Breathe in and breathe out slowly.

Take your time and return calmly.

  1. Speak

There are days when you don't feel so glamorous, and for whatever reason, you are mad at everyone.

If you think the monster inside is going to bark at anyone who touches you, tell your colleagues or friends that you are not feeling so good today and you may have a bad temper.  

It is better to inform them ahead rather than to apologize later for yelling at them out of the blue. You will end up losing friends and respect from colleagues if you give stupid excuses for shouting at them.

You don't let it out to people, especially those who aren't close enough with you to understand you.

If you have someone at work or home that you know won't misunderstand or judge you, tell them about what happened. Share your thoughts with them and try to listen to them as well.

They might also have had a bad experience during the day that they want to share.

Don't let it out on social media. If someone did something wrong to you, don't post pictures of that person on the internet. Be considerate about how they may feel about it because they probably have issues too.

Don't become a prey of your emotions. You can't control the situation, but you can always control your reaction. It will speak about your personality, more than anything else.

  1. Find A Healthy And Productive Distraction

Finding a distraction is the usual advice for those who have a bad day. However, almost everyone makes bad entertainment choices.

Instead of stress- eating or drinking, you can let your creative side shine during these down moments. Try to draw or paint, write poems and stories, bake or cook. If you are at work, read something or get busy with work.

The best way to get away with a bad day is to feel productive at the end of it. If you feel rewarded at the end of the day, you will no longer feel so bad about the other half of it.

  1. Write It Down

If you don't think you can cook, swim or do anything because you're at work or anywhere that hinders you from doing so, writing down what you feel or think will help best.

Do you have a planner you always bring with you? A notebook, paper receipts or anything where you can write? Writing is as good as talking. If you are going to read your experiences that day in the next month, you will most likely find yourself laughing about it.

Reviewing your planner notes will also give you an idea how you've matured emotionally. You will find yourself foolish on some days, but you will at least know what you should improve on.

  1. Release The Negative Feelings Properly

It will also help if you know how to release your negative emotions appropriately. Channel your emotions into things that you know would calm you best.

It is not impulsive buying, binge eating or binge drinking.

Listening to music, jogging, walking in the park or practicing yoga positions are great ways for you to release the negative feelings efficiently.

Finding healthy ways to deal with negative feelings is essential according to Dr. Vik Tarugu of Detox of South Florida. He stated, "People that repress their emotions find other ways to let them out. Many of the patients that we see in our recovery center failed to find ways to deal with their emotions and resorted to chemical assistance to help them deal."

So please go for a run, lift weights, do pilates. Whatever you need to do to relieve the stress. 

  1. Get A Good Amount Of Rest

If you think every day seems to be always a rough day for you, then there must be something that causes you to become irritable out of your control.

In fact, if you are not getting enough sleep, you are more likely to get irritable for the rest of the day.  If you think you've lacked sleep lately, find time to rest.

According to studies, an average human can only survive three days of no sleep, so if you've been sleepless for many nights now, you are jeopardizing your health.

According to the  model health podcast, host, Shawn Stevenson (one of our favorite podcasts) states that "it is not the number of hours of sleep you get, but rather the quality of those hours". So make sure you turn off all electronics an hour or so before bed to wind down. Remove clocks or anything that throws light into what should be a pitch black environment.

One reason why people find it hard to sleep even when they're lying in bed is they still connect to their devices. Don't associate your bed with work, the internet or anything else except for sleep. Don't sleep with devices on your bed or near you.

Being anxious or worried about anything is also one reason why one can't sleep. Identify the reason why you are anxious and address it immediately.

If you think you need medical help, don't hesitate to contact a physician. Some people develop tolerance with sleeping pills over time, and you might be dependent or addicted to it without a doctor's prescription.

Sleep is the only way for the body to restore the cells we have lost during the day.

Sleep is not just for the weak. It is for everyone.


The quality of your life will depend on your daily activities. That one bad day can make you lose many things if you don't handle it well.

Appropriately dealing with stress is not rocket science, it is something all creatures have evolved with ever since the dawn of life, and that skill is an ultimate need for survival.

Accept the fact that not every day is going to be blissful and that this too, will pass. Think twice and be wise with your decisions.


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