How To Save Your Pre Wedding Memories

Even the most dreamy bride or idealistic family member on either side of the aisle will admit that this basic axiom is true: weddings are stressful. It is also commonly known that stress is not conducive to remembering the happy memories of any event, particularly a large one. Pre-wedding memories, which become increasingly hard to recall even under the best circumstances, are particularly easy to loose due to stress. What can one do to prevent this from happening?

One thing that should be a part of any happy couple's wedding plans is a wedding planner. A hard copy one, like our Happily Hitched Wedding Planner, not only helps one plan the big day in advance, but also provides a handsome case for treasured memories. With spaces to record the couple's wedding goals, guest lists, vendors, financial plans, the wedding party, and more, the planner accumulates and displays all the facts behind the happy day in an organized fashion which is also pleasing to the eye. Bonus points for a sophisticated, handsomely bound book that holds all this important and easily forgotten information!

This recording of the solid facts and airy ideas leads to memories of the events behind the words and numbers. Perhaps one of the bridesmaids had an amazing idea about the bride's dress. Maybe the groom's mother brought her dog to the cake tasting unannounced, which sparked the idea for a pet-friendly cake. Recall the time when the happy couple felt like they connected over some small detail in a wonderful, mind-blowing way. And, of course, there will always be the stomach-dropping moment when someone realized that the decor wasn't going to work with the venue, a bridesmaid couldn't fit into her dress anymore, or any one of such minor calamities that surround even the most well-planned weddings.

The pre-wedding memoirs also come in useful when a dear friend, family member or acquaintance would like to use the same venue, florist, or dress designer for their happy event. Instead of leaving them hanging or frantically searching the vast web of the Internet, a well-organized wedding planner provides the information in a serene and sophisticated manner. This is very impressive, especially if one of the couple is not known for his or her organizational skills. And for those who are a little wary of sharing ideas, places, and designer's names, remember: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

In conclusion, the choice is each couple's. However, a wedding planner is helpful on so many different levels. Even if one does not have the best handwriting, never remembers to write things down, or is having a very simple ceremony, a hard copy wedding planner is still worth careful consideration. The messy handwriting will personalize it, anything written down is still helpful, and the simplest of big events can still be one of the most stressful times in anyone's life. After all, it is a comparatively small investment that pays large dividends, during and after the event. Why not use it?

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