How To Stay Sane While Planning Your Rescue [Happily Hitched Wedding Planner]

We've all heard the blissful engagement stories: rose petals scattered in the sand, romantic starlight adding to the atmosphere of the occasion, a hired photographer catching the memories and the exhilarated smiles of the couple lighting up the venue.
On the other hand, we've all cringed at the distressing stories that can shatter such a special time: wedding planning begins, chaos ensues, stress levels rise, patience is tested and the bride and groom arrive at their wedding feeling nothing but relief that the horrid planning period is over. However, you can stay sane and enjoy your engagement thanks to STARTplanner's Happily Hitched Wedding Planner.
capture wedding memories with Happily Hitched Wedding Planner from STARTplanner

First, this quality wedding planner keeps you sane with its beautiful design. The cover boasts a modern and sophisticated white and gray pattern accentuated by embossed gold type. Each divider matches in pattern, color and embossed font. Additionally, its size is perfect to carry in your hand, bag or purse and weighs just over one pound. Its sturdy construction and quality materials allow it to stand up to the most intensive wedding planning. Not only is this a useful tool, but it's trendy and cute, too!

Next, keep your sanity thanks to the Happily Hitched Wedding Planner's layout. Four embossed tabbed dividers condense the details into simple, manageable categories: Goals, Projects, Financials and Plans. What's more, each divider features a pocket to keep relevant clippings, articles or samples handy. No more losing the business card of your seamstress or wedding singer! The 122-page planner also features a Quick Reference Guide which is an easy-to-find place to write the finalized location, address and time of your rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

When you take a more in-depth look at just how those tabbed categories can help keep you sane, you find they are full of useful tools. For instance, the Goals section helps you and your loved one set your expectations and dreams for the special day. One checklist suggests you set a budget and create a wedding website 12 months before your wedding date; it continues through a timeline to help you make sure you are not late in scheduling anything for your big day.
The Projects category includes a place to delegate helpers to make DIY projects or to complete other must-have projects by specific due dates. In the Financials division, breathe easily as the guide helps you stay on budget. It includes an estimated and actual cost of each wedding detail. Use the Plans section to organize everything from an engagement party and shower to your well-deserved honeymoon and changing of your last name. Throughout the four sections, checklists and timelines keep you organized.

Please do not be one of those brides who resorts to hysteria or anger as she strives to plan a perfect wedding. Rather than driving your loved ones away during this special time, draw closer to them as you make preparations for your happily ever after. Allow the Happily Hitched Wedding Planner to help make your engagement a joyous and fun-filled time, full of memories and keepsakes.
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