Is it time for a health reboot?

Does “COVID 19" have you off your routine? Have you been getting your exercise in? How has meal prep been?  What about sleep as anxiety has increased? We focus on health because it plays a part in our productivity and wellbeing! You have to take care of you! If your wellness is an area of focus, STARTplanner is here to help! We have a variety of products created with health and wellness in mind and we wanted to take a minute to highlight them, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Our planners are designed to keep health in the forefront of your mind! All of our planners include the following tools:

  • A weekly grocery list - easy to take to the store with you.
  • A daily reminder to mark off your water, supplements, and workout
  • A reminder to take time for self care!
  • Monthly health check-in's to see progress or areas where there is room for improvement.

Small enough to take to the gym with you to record workouts, weights, sets & reps! This also fits perfectly in the pocket of your planner for when you are not using it!
This is a great tool to leave on your counter so family members can add to the grocery list as they use the last bit of anything! Nobody likes to pour their cereal and then realize there is no milk left!
Plan out your meals and let your family know what's cookin' each night! Planning your meals out will not only save on your grocery bill, it also helps you avoid the dreaded question "What's for dinner, mom?!"
Keep all your healthy recipes (and a few family favorites) in this beautiful, organized binder for easy access when you are meal planning!
Mental health is just as important as physical health, but often overlooked! Our journals complement your planner and are the perfect place for writing down everything on your mind!
We always say that any barrier can lead to excuses to avoid healthy habits, so we have worked hard to create products to help in those areas that are often overlooked,
but easy to fix!
Also, if you missed it, we have a recent podcast on
keeping your kitchen organized, HERE!

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