It's LEGIT!!!

This one is made especially for you! 

Our new Legit Notebook is now a perfect sized Bestie, to be paired with ANY of our STARTplanners! Students now is the time to set yourself up for success for the upcoming school year, don't wait until the last minute!!  We know that school looks different for everyone and we want to make sure we take care of ALL your student needs no matter what stage you may be in your life! Also we have put together Student Essential Kits for you! Check out below what is in each of the Essentials Kits!


  • Check List (Annually and Every Term)
  • Advisors and Mentors
  • Classes and Grade Trackers
  • Projects! (Lots of space for this oneJ)
  • Extra Note Pages


  • A Daily Hustle Planner
  • A Daily Ruler
  • A set of pencils
  • A Legit planner notebook



  • A Weekly Hustle Planner
  • A Weekly Ruler
  • A set of pencils
  • A Legit planner notebook


**Total retail Value of $84 (20% Discount!)



 Get your Legit planner today!! 



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