It's totally OK to treat yo'self on Mother's Day!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you are a Mom, we know you are always putting everyone else first! We know you barely have time to go to the bathroom yourself (let alone take a relaxing bubble bath)! Shuttling kids, feeding everyone, and managing everyones schedule to keep everything running without a hitch. 

Sweet motherhood! :) To all the Moms out there you are pretty amazing and we just want to say thank you for all your sacrifices and grace!  Even if you are not a mother, you know someone who is or you have a mother who did these very things while raising you! 
Here is a list of 10 ways that you can use your STARTplanner to save the day! Treat yourself or that special Mom in your life.

(So you don’t forget to pick the kids up at school... again.) 

(Cuz every now and then your littles want something besides pb&j)

(So you can save to buy yourself something pretty…Like running shoes, to keep up with your family.)

(If mama's sick, the household doesn’t stop, so you best keep on top of it! Can I get a "Holla"!)

(You can finally get rid of all your notes on the back of receipts and post-its EVERYWHERE! Keep rockin' those to-do's!)

(Trust us, it's better when you don’t have to go to the grocery store 87 times a week. We don't want anyone becoming "hangry" #learnedthehardway)

(Turn your dreams into your reality! It starts with setting SMART goals! You got this!)

(That baby book for your 17 year old that never got done? Let’s finally get that off your list.)

(Tell me that having your toes in the sand doesn’t sound amazing!? #yesplease) 

(It’s never a pretty picture when “Santa” forgets who's been naughty or nice ;) 


So, what are you waiting for!?! Treat yourself, or that special mom in your life, a planner. 
Don’t know which planner would be right for the mom in your life? We have gift cards available for purchase! Holla!


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