Keeping Photography Sessions Organized

Now for any photographer who’s trying to make a career out of the work, it can be frantic to keep track of all those clients, dates, where you need to be and life in general. Even experienced or veteran photographers could use a little help with organization to take the frantic rushing out of their worklife and make everything flow.

Of course, organization is more work that you have to do, but if you get good organizational skills, the time invested ordering everything out for your life will be well worth it. When it comes to photography, you want to keep track of multiple clients and jobs, which is best handled by creating a document where you can check off the stages you are at with each of your current clients so you can ensure that everybody is served in order and that you don’t forget anything important.

Typically your checklist will go something like:

  • Contract Signed/Retainer Paid
  • Session
  • Edit
  • Sneak Peak
  • Gallery Posted
  • Order Complete
  • Thank You Sent

You may have more correspondence with your clients sprinkled in there, depending on how much you want to discuss with them the details of the job, but overall a list like this will help sort you out and keep you on track no matter how many clients you have.

You may also want to consider your work life and what kind of hours you want to work. If you have solid hours that a customer knows that they can get a hold of you, that is a boon for business. So do your best to make a schedule that you won’t have to cheat on, so that you’re always there when your clients need you.

In general, the biggest thing you can do is to organize personal planners for your work so that you can keep track of names, numbers, dates and workflow so that you get your reputation as a person who gets the job done.

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