Ladies It's Time To Get Organized- How Planning Your Meals Can Make You More Sane

Is your too busy life making you a little crazy? Soccer practice, piano lessons, dinner meeting, hot yoga, volunteer committee, and so many other obligations every. single. day. Who has time to plan meals? With your Hustle Daily Planner, you can easily get meal planning under control and save your sanity. If you are working out and not getting the results you want, either in your clothing fitting better, or the scale, then meal prepping might be your ticket. Check out our 21 day fix post to learn more about meal prepping.

Meal Prepping And Working Out
Let's take a look at how food planning works. You need to get a general idea of what your plan will look like and start with basic goals. Begin with one week at a time so you won't be overwhelmed. You will want to develop a budget that includes groceries and eating out for the whole week. There should be some level of flexibility in the plan as there are always unexpected things that can arise.

In each weekly section of your Hustle Daily Planner, you will find an area for a weekly grocery list and budget. Also, on each individual day, there is an area designated for meal planning and/or eating out. These sections are specifically designed to help keep you on track with your food planning and your budget.

Now usually you are pulling your hair out every night looking frantically around the kitchen for something to shove into mouths so they stop saying "What's for dinner?" Am I right?? Not any more!!! Now you are a planner!!! Let's play out a few days in a meal plan. According to your planner, Monday is a regular day with no special activities. You can plan a normal weeknight meal. Tuesday evening is soccer practice and you know you will need something pretty quick so you plan a crock pot meal that will be ready when you walk in the door.
Wednesday is your husband's birthday so you are fixing his favorite meal that is reasonable on a weeknight. Thursday is business meetings all day, your boss is flying into town, and piano lessons. Thursday is a hot mess. You are asking hubby to pick up something to bring home for dinner. By Friday, you will be exhausted so it's a toss up. You can do another crock pot meal. It is possible you have some leftovers. You can do soup and sandwiches or another simple dinner.

The idea behind all of this is to match your schedule with your meal plan. On a night you have late meetings or practice, do not plan a meal requiring lots of prep or cooking time. It is too stressful. Work smarter, not harder, ladies.

Food planning also helps tremendously with the budget. If you stop at the grocery store three times a week, you are impulse buying way more than you should. If you meal plan for the week and buy what is needed for all of your meals, I guarantee you will spend less. Put your Hustle Daily Planner to work organizing your meals and saving your sanity! You can even add a Fancy Pants Clear Catch All to your planner for coupons to save even more. Happy Fitness And Happy planning!!
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