Legit Weekly Planner Updates

We are so excited to share our newly designed Legit Weekly Student Planner with you!!! We first launched Legit with our 2016-17 midyear line and at that time it was designed for those who were new to paper planners, students, or anyone who preferred a weekly format. Since then we have also released a Hustle Weekly Planner, which is the same content as Hustle Daily, but in a weekly format.  We have since redesigned Legit and have made it our official Student Planner, adding more content and choosing planner aesthetics to keep up with their busy lives! 
After a lot of research we realized that there wasn't a planner out there that was specifically designed for students that also taught them how to properly manage their time, set goals, budget, and monitor their health. So we took the foundation of our Hustle Weekly Planner and adapted it so that it would be more functional for students.
So without further ado, meet our new Legit Student Planner!
One of the biggest changes is Legit now runs August 1st, 2017 - July 31st, 2018. It runs on an academic schedule. If you have our 2016-2017 Legit and need July email us! hello@startplanner.com. Legit starts in August for anyone who is taking summer courses. That way you don't have to switch planners right in the middle of your summer semester:)
Legit is now perfect bound and comes with a beautiful blue cloth cover, subtle vintage map background, with “Adventure Awaits” imprinted in gold. It also has a ribbon bookmark to easily flip open to the current week.
Legit is also now slightly smaller in size (7 7/8" x 10 1/8" x 1”) so it can easily go with you from class to class or be tucked inside your backpack.
As you can see, Legit still has the same weekly layout, but now has a section each week to record readings and assignments.
There is now a monthly finance section, but is geared more towards student financials/responsibilities. You are never too young to start budgeting.
Instead of a "Plans" tab we have created a "School" tab. This is where you can track your classes, grades, projects, yearly/quarterly to-do's, and record your advisors & mentors contact info. 
We are loving this design and as you head back to school in the fall you will now officially be Too Legit To Quit;)
You can watch this video here showing an unboxing of legit from our CEO, Kristy Dickerson. 


Now, if you had our 2016-17 Legit, and are not a student, you would now want to go to Hustle Weekly, that will be your new Best Friend! Hustle Weekly is basically our old Legit but with even more content (i.e. personal finances, home maintenance, vacation planner, holiday planner, and more!). 
If you are someone who has decided to go back to school, owns a home, or even prefers daily planning, then we have some other options for you as well. The content in the "School" section of our Legit Student Planner is also available in our A5 inserts, A5 Fancy Pants Student Insert Pack.
With this insert you can do one of the following:
  1. Purchase the Fancy Pants Binder System Planner + the Student Insert
  2. Purchase Hustle Weekly + the Student Insert, and store the insert in the inside cover pocket.
  3. Purchase Hustle Daily + the Student Insert, and add pages to the planner as needed using an arc punch.  
If you decide to go with the third option, then immediately after you place your order, shoot us an email and we will send you the Student Insert UNPUNCHED so that you can punch it to fit in your Hustle Daily Planner.
Not sure which option would be best for you? You can read more about the differences in our planner lines here.

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