Let's Get Fancy! Customizing your FANCY PANTS

It's time to get fancy people!! Our Fancy Pants planner is perfect for anyone looking to customize their year of planning, to their specific needs or family needs! Fancy Pants includes all the awesome features of our Hustle Daily but also gives you the option to add-in different inserts to make it fit for your lifestyle. The binder is designed to hold up to 4 months of Daily Pages at a time, with all tabs and including ALL 12 monthly overviews, so you are still able to plan in advance! This style gives you FULL control of your life (sounds good, right?!)! The Fancy Pants comes in 4 awesome colors; Ocean Blue, Blush, Metallic Gold, and Coral. Our colors tend to change with each new line of planners because its fun to change it up!!
Here are some of the features of our Fancy Pants!
  1. Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Planner dated July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
  2. Daily planning pages with 30 minute intervals from 5:30am - 9:00pm
  3. Goal Setting & Tracking throughout the year
  4. Holiday and Vacation Planners
  5. Track your Projects, Home Cleaning/Maintenance, and Giving Back
  6. Two page Monthly Overviews
  7. Personal Financial Planning and Monthly Household Budgeting
  8. Monthly Health Check-ins and daily track working out, supplements/vitamins, and water intake
  9. Make grocery lists and plan meals for the week
  10. Keep up with Medical Expenses for each family member, Birthdays, and Entertainment
  11. Now includes a Looking Ahead section to keep track of important dates well into the future
  12. Notes pages throughout and much more!
  13. Every day (even weekends) has its own page for scheduling
  14. Inspirational Quotes throughout
Now what customizable inserts do we offer, well sit back, relax and let me tell you! 


DIRECT SALES - Are you ready to sell, sell, sell? This might be one of our most popular set of inserts.These inserts are designed specifically with business owners in mind. We want to help you and your business flourish and be the best that it can be! These inserts include: goal setting, leads tracking and workflow, mileage tracking, social media tracker and so much more. 

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Leads tracking & workflow
  3. New recruit workflow
  4. List of team birthdays & anniversaries & revenue
  5. Sales party planners
  6. Mileage Log
  7. + MORE!

REALTORS: Realtors I know you are out there! This is for YOU! These inserts are to help you stay organized by including home listing and open house checklists, client gifting, marketing and promotion planning, etc.! Realtors this is what you need to stay on track and stay organized throughout the year!!!

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Leads Workflow
  3. Home Listing Checklist
  4. Open House Checklist
  5. Selling Workflow
  6. Client Gifting
  7. Vendor Gifting
  8. + MORE!

TEACHERS: Teachers where are you at?!  This ones for YOU! The school year can be crazy (maybe that’s and understatement) BUT, with these inserts they can help you stay on track with student/parent info, volunteer sheets, classroom wishlist, field trip planning and the list goes on! We know school is starting up soon, so teachers don’t wait to get your Fancy pants and your Teacher inserts, they were designed for you!!!

  1. Student Info/Parent Communication
  2. Volunteer Contact Sheets
  3. Classroom Wish List
  4. Classroom Expense
  5. Birthdays
  6. Field Trip Planning/Permission Form & Chaperone Tracking
  7. Special Events & Projects Planner
  8. +MORE

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Keep your photography business organized with these inserts that will help you track and maintain an successful Photgraphy business! With goals setting, session workflow, order tracking, business checklist, and more that will help keep your photography business up and running smoothly! 

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Session workflow checklist
  3. Order tracking worksheet
  4. Client Gifting
  5. Vendor Gifting
  6. Annual Business Checklist
  7. Marketing & Promotion Planner
  8. Studio Wishlist
  9. Mileage log
  10. Monthly Blog & Social Media Planner
  11. +MORE



EXTRA NOTES PAGES: Of course we ALL love to do lists and note taking, so we have an insert pack just for extra set of lined note pages where you can stick anywhere in your planner where you need some extra room to write ALL the things 😃 

CONTACT PAGES: Speaks for itself! Keep ALL your contacts for personal, business life all in one place so you are never spending too much time searching for that ONE number you just can’t seem to find! Also, great when going to write out names and address for Holiday cards, you will be glad you purchased Contact Pages.

Weekly Add-in Pages Because we offer the Daily version for our Fancy, we are also offering these additional Weekly overview inserts so if you are someone who likes to plan in a weekly format we have you covered!! If you are someone who prefers a daily planner and likes to create a weekly to-do list and one page to create a vision for tackling your week, this is the perfect insert for you! OR if you are someone who prefers a weekly planner but wants to keep your home to-do's separate from your work, small business, or kid's schedules, then this Weekly Overview insert is perfect for you too!


GOLD FOIL TABS: Add a little personality and bling to your fancy pants and keep your add-ins organized with these! Break-It-Up is a perfect companion for your Fancy Pants if you need a little “division” happening in your life! It is perfect to organize and separate different things you are 

CLEAR CATCH ALL: A plastic zipper pouch that will snap into your A5 Fancy Pants. It's fabulous for storing coupons, business cards, pens, washi tape, or other planner accessories.



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