Life's Unexpected Moments

Life's unexpected moments... you know, we plan out what our life will look like and what a normal day looks like. But things happen and it throws everything out of whack. It can be personal, financial, health, I mean the list is endless. We as humans learn to adapt to a new normal. But that new normal sometimes is more stressful and has very important things to now keep up with. One of our very own, Selima Garris, just recently had one of these unexpected moments and she shared it with our STARTplanner community and it impacted us deep. A lot of times a new normal is scary and we are thankful in the midst of change and tragedy that STARTplanner was able to give her some peace.

Selima, tell me a little about you and your unexpected moment.

I am a wife and mom to one 5 year old son, Nathan. It is amazing how fast your life can change in a instant. We were in the ER when we heard that our son was in diabetic Ketoacidosis due to undiagnosed type 1 diabetes.  Our son's 1st ER visit turned into his 1st hospital visit as they took him to PICU to get insulin. The next 2 and 1/2 days we as his parents were taught in the ways of checking blood sugars and giving him insulin.

Pictured below, Selima's son, Nathan... is he not the cutest!?!?!

How has STARTplanner impacted your life and this change?

So, I have turned my STARTplanner into a place where I keep track of blood sugar levels and when to feed Nathan. I also have to keep track of meals and snacks. I also have doctor's appointments to keep track of. I really am living moment to moment right now. But I do try to plan fun things for us to do since my son is 5 years old. Plus, my STARTplanner is coming in handy right now as I start to teach my son for kindergarten this week, too. You can follow me at I just started this blog to share our journey with our son:)

 Here's how Selima sets up her planner for the upcoming week...

During the ebbs and flows of life it’s so important to be organized in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed; to avoid feeling as though time has control over you. No matter your unexpected moment we want to encourage you along the way as you aim to live a life of peace and soak up every memorable moment your day brings:) 

We're here to cheer you on!  YOU got this!!

-The STARTteam



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