Make the Most Out of Your Windshield Time with Audio Books

If you drive to work, you should capitalize on that time behind the wheel. Now, don't get us wrong - no one wants to deprive you of singing along to the "Wonderful Sounds of the 70s," but consider this: you could be working on your musical self and your personal self with audio books! If you ever found yourself in search of personal development sources, you might consider listening to audio books while you're driving.

Honestly, why not? Sounds like a super smart thing someone like Tony Robbins might suggest! Speaking of the MVP of life coaches, if you decide you'd like to hear the energetic, inspiring tones of Mr. Robbins, check out any of his recent works from or similar apps.

Personal Development Comes In Many Forms
Maybe you're not that interested in motivational speaking - maybe you prefer to learn something new. Personal development can happen in many ways and learning a new language is one of them. Ever wanted to travel to a foreign country?

Consider learning the language before you go. So that you can communicate with locals and have a more immersive experience. There are many different audio books you can choose from. They can give you a real grasp of many different languages! To keep track of your learning progress, you can use a stylish organizer by Once you arrive at your destination (if you aren't running late, of course), take a quick moment to write down things that stood out to you. Whether it be a new phrase you just learned in Thai or a solid affirmation to speak aloud before going into an important meeting.

Get Connected and Enjoy Your Ride
Make the most out of your daily commute. Audio books are by far the best way to accomplish this. It's easy to download them onto your smartphone and then connect to your car's bluetooth. Or plugin via auxillary jack.  However you spin it, do yourself a favor and get motivated. Get your new language on, or reach a new level of zen while amidst all that bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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