Master Plan Notepad

Meet our newest "bling" member, Master Plan! We are always looking for ways to enhance your planning experience and we are excited to share with you how having a "master plan" can help you crush your goals and project lists!

1. Rolling To-Do List: Master Plan is great for making a list of tasks you need to get done throughout the week and not necessarily on a specific day. Just add a piece of STARTtape, and boom!'re now ready to "roll" that list over to the next day and keep hustlin'!



2. Ongoing Punch List: Have a big move coming up? Still working on your winter cleaning list? Master Plan is great for keeping up with all the little tasks that need to be completed within one larger task or project.




3. Project List: Need more space for "Action Steps" in your PLANS section of your planner? Master Plan is great for breaking your "Action Steps" into smaller action steps, and even creating a shopping list for the supplies you'll need to complete your project. You can tape the list inside your planner with our STARTtape and easily remove when it's time to go on a supplies run.


4. Party Planning: Planning your next birthday bash or hosting a wedding shower for your BFF? No matter the event, Master Plan is a great sidekick to your planner and can help you keep up with all the errands you need to run and tasks that need to get done in order to plan your next big event!


We would love to see how you are using Master Plan to organize your life. Share with us on Instagram using #STARTplanner or tag us on Facebook, STARTplanner.  : )

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