Meet Our Pen Pal!

Have you been looking for that perfect pen holder for your spiral bound planner? Look no further! Meet our Pen Pal! Pen Pal is a beautiful gold loop that sticks to the inside back cover of your planner to hold that perfect pen. Don’t we all need a pal that supports us, helps us to shine, and is always close by?
Here's a short video to show you how to use your Pen Pal:
One thing we love about our new Pen Pal is how multi-purpose it is. Check out these other uses for our Pen Pal:
Sunglass or Eyeglass Holder: Never misplace your glasses again! And now you don't have to worry about them getting scratched or bent in your purse.
Pen Holder: Not just a planner pen holder:) Who else has been at the bank drive through and have been looking everywhere for a pen?  Now you can always have a pen on hand! 
Can't wait to see how you use your Pen Pal! Use #STARTplanner to share with us:)  The back of our Pen Pal is a 3M strip allowing you to have a pal anywhere you need! 

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