Never Miss an Important Date

In our ever expanding social and work circles it can be easy to lose track of important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and any other date you’d want to never forget. Fortunately there is a free downloadable printable pdf that will help you organize all your annual events in a neat format to slip into your planner, agenda, calendar or anywhere else you store your organizational papers.

Consolidating all of the important annual dates into a simple cheat sheet can help you keep track on every event and never leave a loved one without a card or gift. Keeping and modifying a master list of annual dates as they are introduced to your life will ensure that you can easily update each New Years calendar with these important dates and impress all your friends when you don’t need a reminder that their birthday is coming up.

Now for the non-annuals, it’s a little harder to keep and organize a catch all key, for obvious reasons. But a good solution is to have an on hand calendar at your office or on your phone that you update as new dates are introduced so you are notified of everything and don’t lose track of dates written on random slips of paper that are so easy to lose while tidying up. As the more you can consolidate your information, the easier it is to find everything when you need it.

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