Oh How In The World Is A Bride-To-Be Supposed To Stick To A Budget? [Happily Hitched Planner]

When you are planning your wedding, you’ll be faced with dozens of questions, decisions and details. Using the Happily Hitched Wedding Planner is one of the best ways to stay organized from the day you get engaged through your honeymoon. It will help you plan your perfect wedding day from start to finish while saving you both time and money. You’ll also eliminate the stress that wedding planning can cause by keeping everything organized in one area.

STARTplanner presents Happily Hitched Wedding Planner
The Happily Hitched Planner has everything in one place. Keep track of any do-it-yourself projects you or your wedding party are working on, keep your wedding finances organized and plan your honeymoon in the same beautiful planner. Every wedding has a ton of details to keep track of, such as the vendors you’ll be using for food and entertainment, guest lists, flower arrangements, alcohol purchases, gifts for the wedding party, limo expenses and so much more. You need an elegant book to keep track of everything that you are planning, and this beautiful wedding planner does the trick.

Features of the Planner

This gorgeous, 122-page planner is bound in cloth around the metal and spiral corners for added strength and durability. The cover is a classic white and grey pattern with a gold foil stamp and the inside of the book is printed on high-quality 70# paper. There are four divider sections with tabs that are printed on a heavy glossy card stock: Goals, Projects, Financials & Plans. You’ll have room to store fabric samples, clippings, color swatches and more in the folder pockets that each tab offers. Finally, hold it all together with a strong, elastic closure.

Contents: Goals, Projects, Financials & Plans

Goals: Use this section together with your partner to create a list of goals and dreams you have for your wedding day. Decide and set goals for your finances and your overall vision for the big day in this section of the planner.

Projects: Many brides love do-it-yourself projects, and this is the perfect section to keep track of your lists, projects and steps for any projects in the making.

Finances: Paying for the wedding of your dreams takes careful planning. Keep track of all of your expenses in the finance section of your planner.

Plans: Here you will have a space for absolutely every detail. Included in this section are pages for: engagement party, bachelorette and bachelor parties, wedding showers, rehearsal dinner, dress, cake and other treats, florist, rentals, music, reception, videographer, photographer, honeymoon and much more. You’ll also have access to a lot of note pages for your own personal notes and sketches.

The Happily Hitched Planner gives you absolutely everything you need to plan your perfect wedding day. You won’t need anything else when you have this planner in hand.

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