Organizing Your Home-Where To START

There’s nothing quite like an organized home to make you feel more productive and better about life. A disorganized home is a sign of a disorganized mind. When your home and your life is organized, your mind is less cluttered and your life less stressful. Clutter and disorganization cause stress, and oftentimes stress makes people feel as if life is out of control.
This negative feeling produces anxiety, fear, nervousness, and other negative emotions. When life is uncluttered, it’s less complicated. Getting your life organized is one of the easiest ways to gain control of the things you feel you have no control over. The most difficult part of getting organized isn’t staying organized, it’s taking the first step. Knowing where to start helps you get started creating a simpler, less complicated life.

Create a Goal

What’s your goal getting organized? Is it to create more time so spend with your family and friends, or is it to help you become more successful? What do you want to accomplish by de-cluttering your life and getting organized? Make a goal, and then break it down into smaller goals. Once you have a list of smaller goals, you can get started. A luxury planner is great for getting organized and keeping your goals recorded.

Don’t worry if your list of goals is a long one. Small goals are easier to accomplish, and they’re crossed off your list faster. Each time you cross one off, you feel more productive and motivated to cross another off. When it comes to organizing your home, your goals might include cleaning out one drawer each day, one room each weekend, until it’s all finished. You do what’s right for you, but do make goals to help you get started.

Get Rid of Everything

If it’s not useful, usable, or something you even remember owning, get rid of it. It’s a great idea to donate all you can. If it’s clean, useable, and in good condition, donate it. Don’t forget to obtain a receipt for these items so you can cross them off your tax deduction list in the New Year. Everything else can be thrown away or recycled so you can get it out of the house. If you want, you can even hold a yard sale and then donate anything you don’t sell in the meantime.

Organize Accordingly

Once you’re rid of all your junk and stuff, it’s time to organize. One way to do this is to keep all things together that go together. For example, your kitchen is filled with items you use all the time, but are they in the correct area? A wonderfully organized kitchen is one in which the utensils used for cooking on the stove are stored near the stove.
If your cooking utensils are across the room by the sink and your eating utensils are stored by the stove, it doesn’t flow. It’s time to put items where they belong. Your pot holders go by the oven and stove, not by the sink. Your dish towels and soap should be near the sink, not by the stove. Once you see the distinction, it’s easier to get organized at home. Do this in every room, and you’ll feel much more organized and powerful.

Your home is your sacred place. The more organized it is, the better you feel about your home. Start small, work toward your goals, and get organized to save yourself time, energy, and stress.

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