Pen and Paper for a Better Digital Strategy

In order to be successful with social media and blog content, setting up a routine can keep you on track. Running a blog and social media account uses multiple tasks, and it's easy to get lost when trying to maintain each. A strategy can organize multiple platforms along with the date, time and item to post.

We exist in a digital world where there's an app for everything. It's assumed that the pen or pencil and paper are no longer useful when planning. However, people still find these tools useful today. They even integrate a paper planning method with an onscreen calendar app to keep track of their goals and to-do lists.

With the correct printable social media planning tools, the essential tasks can be listed and keep you ahead in the social engagement game. The perfect product will centralize each task for the week in one visual spot. In addition, it will include an area for goals, posts, and platforms. The START Content and Social Media Planner happens to address all these needs. All you need is a printer and pen to get those tasks organized.

Content for The Day Already Planned

An effective social media campaign requires a day-to-day strategy. Each day must be filled with unique content that conveys your message as well as inspires and entices your audience. Whether it's a video, meme or article, all content must be assigned for the day. This takes the guess-work out of the equation. By planning ahead, you free up time to use towards other tasks.

Setting Monthly and Weekly Goals

Successful implementation of a campaign takes advanced time and thought. Meaning just posting as the day comes will not contribute to your social media and content. Instead, think of the top goal of your blog and social media accounts. These goals should include content, audience and platform type. Once you've developed that, it's easier to lay plans for each month and week that stay true to your main goal.

Keep Track of Special Content and Events

Not all content is the same. Each blog post serves a unique purpose in furthering your social engagement goals. You must also plan for special types of blog and social media posts, like giveaways and partner content. With a suitable strategy, you can develop the content and prizes all in one place. The START Content and Social Media Planner even has a section that keeps track of such posts from start to finish.

Adapt to Your Needs

The sheet is versatile and can be part of more than one type of planning method. If you're solo or part of a team, it can be used in various ways. It's easily readable and searchable for anyone who uses it. This printable PDF can either be used as a collaborative tool or be a part of the brainstorming process.

A proper strategy will make your social media and content goals run smoothly. A content planning printable, along with a pen or pencil, can help organize your posts and content. With this one page PDF, you are able to stay ahead with the START Content and Social Media Planner.
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