Plan for Success in Real Estate-How Agents Sell More Homes

Real estate professionals hustle. They don't squander time to hem and haw or lollygag. Yep, old school terms, from a company that sells paper and pen planning, would you expect anything less?
 Time really is money when it comes to real estate transactions. Those in the business need to be two steps ahead and none behind to solicit then maintain clients. Another fact about time is that it can't be saved. No matter in how many instances we say we're performing a task a certain way to "save" time, we're usually engaged in folly. However, time management is an authentic practice that savvy business people routinely employ. It's an essential tool in the hectic world of real estate.

Recognizing this, we at STARTplanner have added another innovative product to our Fancy Pants Planner line specifically geared to help insure success for any realtor or agent. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned hand, you'll find our real estate inserts a welcome tool for your brokerage. The real estate inserts for our specialty planners have been designed to help you utilize your time more efficiently. By definition, to plan is to design or project your intentions. The optimal way in which to achieve that goal is through organization.

There are many vital steps involved in the buying and selling of property. Those who are employed in the field know how easy it is to get bogged down in reams of paperwork. Despite today's computerized environment, the hard copy is still a fundamental of real estate endeavors. If, at the last minute, you realize you've missed something in a transaction, then it's possibly too late. Overlooking a vital step may mean the difference between losing a deal or successfully closing it. Our realty planner inserts could possibly save the day in this situation.

Consisting of forty pages that cover a 6-month period, we've designed the inserts with headings for most of the steps that might conceivably slip your mind, especially if you have multiple deals in process. From a preliminary step of setting goals to the finalities of gifting clients and vendors, the planner titles include checklists for home listings and open houses. Further descriptions list:

• Workflow sheets for leads and selling
• Promotion and marketing
• Email campaign planner
• Mileage tracker
• Monthly blog and social media planner *
• Monthly blank page for personal jottings*

*The last two inclusions are presented in a convenient 6-set format.

We can't actually make the sale for you, but STARTplanner can facilitate your efforts with our real estate inserts.

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