Preparing your kids for success this school year

Back to School! Say what? 

As summer is winding down and school is just around the corner, our plates are full with cramming in those last minute summer bucket list items, back to school shopping, and semi dreading those early morning school days. I say semi because - half don’t want to wake up early - half ready for routine, structure, and a new school year. 


Organization is arguably one of the most impactful gifts you can give and teach your children. A habit that you instill in them now, which they will carry with them and appreciate for the rest of their lives, is priceless. This year, help set your child up for organized success with the Legit planner. 


It seems like this generation is always on the go…school, lessons, jobs, sports, volunteer hours, social events… the list is never ending. One of the best ways for them to make use of their time is to understand time blocking. By first filling in the non-negotiable time blocks (ie. school, sports, etc) they then can fill the rest of their time with things that are flexible (i.e.. chores, studies, etc) This will help them make the best use of their time and to really start understanding how long things will take and where their time is really going. 


Goal setting & project management: In the beginning of the planner, we have a dedicated area for project management and goal setting. Everyone should have goals somewhere that they can refer to often; a step that is often overlooked in life. Next is the project management section. Have you ever had your child come up to you at 9pm on a Sunday with a project that is due Monday morning? I have. Good times….with the project management and goal setting sections, they can layout the steps they need to accomplish along the way, along with giving themselves mini deadlines, so they aren’t procrastinating until the last minute and giving you the ultimate Sunday night anxiety attack 😉 (hey, it happens, they are just kids, after all, but lets TRY to teach them a better way!)


Finances and Budgeting: This is basic money management to get them STARTED and thinking about budgeting and saving!! (something that many adults still struggle with!) By looking at their weekly and monthly spending, it will start the awareness early on and hopefully become a habit now, before they are out on their own and juggling finances for an entire family! Good habits start small and build! 


To-Do’s… Now that they have their projects and goals broken down, they can move the steps and deadlines onto the weeks in which they need to be accomplished and time block them in 😃  they can also add in the household duties they need to do, along with plenty of space to write down anything else they need to remember! 


Organization does not come naturally for most people, but taking the time to teach your child how to be efficient and productive, you are already giving them an edge and setting them up for the success and confidence they need to take life by the horns and crush their dreams!! And we just believe there is nothing more powerful than good ole pen and paper when organizing your life and studies for success!


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