Series: Get Pumped, Get Planned! | Accessorize to Maximize

Now that we have covered the basics and got you on the path to CRUSHING your goals, let’s talk about accessories! Its time to add the jewelry to your outfit…the whipped cream to your dessert…your signature on the artwork. Accessories are a fun way to make your planner reflect your personal style, but can also take scheduling to a whole new level! 
Our favorites are the Bestie notebooks and notepads. Our Besties are the perfect little helper to use along with your main planner. These cute little 4” x 7” notebooks are filled with lined pages just screaming for all of your ideas throughout the day! Keep one on your nightstand for those middle of the night a-ha’s! They tuck right into the inside pocket of your planner too. And check out our Gym Pal and Business Partner notebooks! They are filled the perfect cues for maximizing your health and business. The Gym Pal holds you accountable to your workouts and diet while the Business Partner will keep your business life on track by monitoring your expenses, marketing, and other notes. Whether you are using a Bestie Notebook to jot down ideas or to-do’s on the go, or our Gym Pal Notebook to meet your fitness and health goals, you will love these perfect little tools to make the absolute most of every single day. 
Notepads…you need these little beauties in your life! We know we spend less at the grocery store when we stick to a list so let our Fuel notepad help! This is the perfect accessory for those Sunday meal planning sessions. We have given you space to plan out your meals for the week and then a checkbox grocery list area to help you stick to your budget. We like the Delegate notepad for chores lists for our kids! It is a great way to assign tasks and give a little pat on the back when they are done. The Master Plan and Think Tank notepads are a little more generic for tracking your to-do’s for any project or journaling ideas on the fly!
TIP: Tear your notepad pages out and use our washi tape to stick them into your big planner! Its a great way to keep track of your lists while also adding a little pizazz to your pages. 
And don’t worry…we’ve also got you covered with pencils, the coolest Sidekick Zipper Bag to keep them in, stickers, postcards, and more! Be sure to check out our BLING page for all the goodies you need to make the most of your STARTplanner!

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