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We planned the work, now let's work the plan! Let’s be honest, scheduling is probably most of the reason you got yourself a planner, right? You want to work more into every single day. You want to do more, be more efficient, and be more organized. Yes! Yes! Yes! Girl, we get you. But before we start going hour by hour, we want you to take a step back and think about the year, the month, the weeks, the days. Think about the things you need to remind yourself of throughout the year. We have given you the “Schedule It Out” pages with some reminders of those tasks that sometimes get forgotten. This is a convenient checklist to help you stay on top of your year. At the beginning of each month is a an overview where you can write in important dates, events, reminders. We encourage you to use the overview to jot things down for the months ahead too! 
Let’s start on a Sunday. At STARTplanner we love love love Sunday planning. Set up a weekly routine where you allow yourself a nice chunk of time to plan your week. Get yourself a nice big cup of coffee, some of our favorite Tombow pens, and your planner and get started. Maybe you start with your appointments for the week. Pencil (or pen) the things in that you know for sure will happen and/or have a definite start and finish time. Next write in your reoccurring tasks. For example, maybe you like to block time for answering email every day between 6 and 8 am. Or maybe you pencil in some personal down time every day between 9 and 10 pm. 
TIP: Try making a task list that has the things you want to do the least first on the list. Give yourself a block of time that will require you to hustle through those dreaded tasks and then reward yourself with some extra time on the things you love. Kara told me she cleaned her bathrooms in record time last weekend knowing that any extra time could be spent planning her vacation! We also love color coding. It can be as simple as work tasks in one color and personal tasks in another. Or if kids activities rule your world, try a color for each kid! While we think colors have a great way of helping to keep us organized, we also love how pretty our planners look when they are loved up with some great pens!
One of our favorite scheduling activities is MEAL PLANNING! Meal planning saves time, money, and frustration when done consistently. Sunday is the perfect time to get ready for the week. We have given you space for your monthly groceries in your planner but have also created our Fuel notepad to take with you to the store. Tear off your list for the week and get your shop on. Stick to your list and watch the savings roll in week after week! 
There are a million good reasons to keep your life organized with a planner and scheduling your days, weeks, and months are at the top of the list. Keeping yourself on task and making strides toward your goals is why we do what we do. We want to see you succeed! We want to see you HUSTLE!

Want to take your planning to the next level!?! Here's how!

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