Series: Get Pumped, Get Planned! | Project Projections

Our goals are sorted and squared away, so now let’s talk about projects. What is the difference between a goal and a project? Well, start with linguistics. You REACH a goal and you COMPLETE a project. Perhaps a project might help you reach your goal. A goal might involve a series of projects. Or a project might just stand alone as something you want to complete but needs a little more thought than a task or action step. For example, I might be training for a marathon but I would still really like to finish sorting through this year’s photos. The sorted photos won’t help me finish the marathon, but still has an unrelated importance. Whether it is a goal or a project, the important thing is that it holds enough weight to require dedicated time and action, and that it is moving you in an overall direction that you feel good about. 
The “Projects” pages in your planner are there to help you think through, organize, and complete the things that maybe you have put off for a while. Projects take action to complete. Use the provided spaces to list your action steps and due dates. It also calls out the budget and actual money spent which might give you insight into how you estimate your projects. If your actual spend always comes out higher than your budget, its probably time to reevaluate how you to your estimates! 
Here is a visual for how vision, goals, projects, and action steps (tasks) all work together:

Goals, check! Projects, check! Now how do I put this into action and make things happen!?! Here's how!

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