Should You Go On A Digital Detox?

Technology is one of the biggest blessings for mankind. Now, people can communicate with people thousands of miles away, take online college courses without stepping into a classroom and buy household products without leaving the house.

However, there are negative side effects that come with using smartphones  too much. You miss out on enjoying nature and socializing with other people. Go on a digital detox today and see everything that you have been missing in life.

Reasons to Go On A Digital Detox

With the recent introduction of smartphones, people now take the Internet with them wherever they go. However, technology has brought many unfavorable qualities to avid technology users, such as lethargy and lack of social interactions. Computer users are more likely to develop addictions to their computers and the Internet. When they sit around all day in front of the computers, they exercise less and suffer more from health problems. Their social relationships suffer because they become less interested in meeting people in places other than chat rooms.

Feel the Difference When You Detox

A digital detox is your way of escaping from the negative effects of technology. For an entire month or several months, refrain from using all forms of technology, including smartphones, computers, tablets and video game consoles. Any device that can be plugged in should be avoided temporarily.

Going on this detox is your way of breaking away from the all-too-common addictive behaviors that reduce your concentration, decrease your attention span and increase your fatigue.

In return, improve your health by reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. When you become unglued to the computer screen, you look up and notice the wider world around you. Non-computer users like to go outdoors more and enjoy nature. They are not straining their eyes by looking at the screen all day or sitting in slouched postures.

Keeping Track Is Simple

Use an organizational tool like STARTplanner to keep track of your daily progress. Mark the day when you start and count the days that you can survive without being plugged in. Plan a detox every month and challenge yourself on occasion. See if you can extend the number of days you remain on detox.

Start the New Year Off Right

The digital detox is great because anyone can do it. There is no need to get a physical from the doctor or go out and buy supplements. Start detoxing today and end whenever you want.

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