STARTplanner Updates 2016 to 2017 

STARTplanner has been built on feedback from its users and the owners still actively read every single piece of feedback and keep a close eye on customer service. “We are here to make a more useful product to leave more space for happiness and intentional moments,” says Kristy. “Our STARTplanner products are designed to help you live a more purposeful life and happiness & productivity is OUR goal." 
With that being said, changes and updates have been made to all of our lines, both in design, quality and content. “We are constantly trying to improve our planners and it has been feedback from our users and their support on which we have built STARTplanner,” says Jenny. 
Here are some of the major changes you will find in our 2017 planners. 
We now have 3 different versions as shown below - Hustle Daily
Business Edition, Hustle Weekly and Hustle Daily 
2 Page Monthly Overviews for all planners
Hustle Daily you now have more space to write on Sunday with a different page layout. 
Closure strap is now secured with metal. Detail and durability is important to use so this was just an update on how we fasten the strap. 
 4 Different Options for Binder Colors!!! Aren't they gorgeous!?!?
Custom "S" gold button detail on closure. Swoon! 
Standard A5, 6 ring Binding System Zipper pocket on the inside front, back inside pocket is lined with a soft flannel material, and two-toned color on the inside
Detailed stitching on the front. Holla if you love you some details! 
Snap closure is now magnetic! Well now that is Fancy! :) 
Friends... it is just FANCY!!!
The "Notes" Tab has been removed and there are now more Notes pages throughout the whole planner placed every month.          
"Projects" Tab is now called "Plans"
"Finances" Tab has been removed... monthly budgeting is now located under each month so you don't have to flip back and forth within that month. 
Additional space to fill in your own finance categories. 
Financial Saving Goals is now located under the "Goals" Tab. 
"Staying On Track" got a facelift. Didn't require surgery. 
Each months daily pages now fall under the corresponding tab only for all daily planners. 
Inspirational quotes throughout! Motivation! check! Inspiration! Check! 
Monthly Tabs are now abbreviated instead of just the first letter. 
"Dinner" is now a meal icon so you can plan all meals or if you just write bigger. "Ideas" section is now a bubble icon... this can be used for ideas, scripture, gratitude, etc. And "My Day" is now a light bulb icon... this space can be used for notes, ideas, more to-do's, or anything else you need to write down:)
Hourly time blocking now has 30 minute intervals, and daily check boxes have been removed for those who just need more room for notes.        
Added a Vision Board. This is actually by recommendation and inspiration from one of our users! 
STARTplanner has been built from feedback and creating products with useful content that are inspirational!! We are stoked about all the updates and changes and can not wait to see what everyone accomplishes in 2017! Let's do this! 
- STARTteam 


  • Berthina Lawhorn

    Beautiful changes! So excited to get Fancy.

  • Quantrilla Ard

    Can’t wait to get mine! I love the updates!

  • STARTplanner

    Thank you ladies!! Annette, I really like check boxes too (Kara) so I will definitely be drawing those in, too;)

  • Shelita Mitchell

    Omg! As much as I was trying to hang on to my current planner to save money I can’t wait for my pink planner! I also love the vision board idea! Ladies you’re doing great, keep it up!

  • Annette Slomski

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The changes are AWESOME!! (Although, I like the check boxes so I will miss them! I will probably draw in my own each day…something about checking that little box and helps me feel like I accomplished something…even when it’s only dishes! HA!) I LOVE THE NEW A5 BINDER!!

    GREAT JOB! I am so excited to get my new Fancy Pants for 2017!!!

    Thank you so much for listening to your customers! I truly love that you’re so responsive and take our comments and feedback as an opportunity to create a better product! I’m so glad that I found Start Planner….I think I FINALLY found planner peace!

    Happy Planning,

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