Stop Doing Everything And Pursue 1 Thing With Reckless Abandon. The Secrets of The Highly Successful.

It's no secret. Most people have an inner desire to be wildly successful. While most people may not overtly express it, there is a deep desire to be excellent and known for the great works behind their legacy. While this is admirable and achievable, there is one approach people take that's the worst move to make.
In an effort to conquer the world and "do it all", they wind up accomplishing nothing. The best way to be successful is to stop doing everything and pursue one thing with reckless abandon. This mantra completely goes against the concept of being a jack-of-all-trades. However, a jack-of-all-trades is normally a master of none. If you'd like to become a master at something, there are a few reasons why you should only pursue one thing.

1. Focus
You need to focus. If a person has a bunch of things on their schedule that are totally unrelated, it can be hard to focus. Even for things that are related, a successful person will have to turn some things down. Ryan Holiday, the author of Ego is the Enemy, explained that if he accepted all the podcast invitations he receives, this would take at least two to three hours of his day. While speaking on podcasts would build his brand and get his book to more people, he had to decide where he really wants to focus. As a writer, he continues to choose writing over everything else. This is the reason he is a master at what he does. Just like many other successful people, Ryan understands the importance of focus.

2. Length of Time
Malcolm Gladwell proposes that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at anything. This may sound like a lot of time and it is. However, the time flies by when you're focused on one thing and nothing else. When you spread your time between five different projects, that's now 50,000 hours of mastery. You can't become a master at one thing when you're distracted by five. In this digital age, so many people are doing their best to multi-task. Fight the urge to multi-task because it'll just take you a longer time to complete one task. Focus on one thing you'd like to get great at. You'll find that the time goes quicker when you're intentional about that one project.

3. Quality
If you choose to split your time between multiple projects, you'll also compromise the integrity of the outcome. The quality won't be as good. When the mind goes in twenty different directions, it can be really hard to build quality results that are worthwhile. One of the best ways to face this directly is through looking at your daily routine. You've been given 24 hours in a day. Eight of the hours are usually dedicated to sleep. A large portion of the remaining sixteen hours should be solely spent creating a quality product. Whether you're a writer working on a book, a seamstress working on a sewing project or a pianist learning new chords, make time to produce quality. Quality work is praised and appreciated.

Open your day planner and take a look at what projects, chores and tasks fill your day. Now, revise it to reflect that one thing you're going to pursue with reckless abandon. Remember the listed reasons and follow through. You'll be better for it in the end.

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