Success this School Year - with Morgan Downum

Tell us a little about yourself and your mission? (who you are, what you do, why you do it) 

I’m Morgan Downum and I am a freshman at West Forsyth High School. I am involved with cheerleading and DECA within West Forsyth along with being a small group leader to 4th grade students at Browns Bridge Church. I love and enjoy getting involved because I like to make a positive difference in all of the environments I’m around.

What is your success in one sentence? 

My success in one sentence would be working hard and achieving goals… big or small.

One routine or tip that others could apply to their lives to make it better while balancing school?

One tip is to use the planner to your advantage to stay on top of tasks and assignments to be able to balance school obligations with social activities.


Ready to get started this school year with your Legit Planner? Let's do this!!!

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