Taking Constructive Breaks

Now it’s been proven that the most productive people in any work or study environment typically work around 50 minutes and then take a 20 minute break to relax their brains before getting back in gear. This work pattern helps keep you on track during your work time, keeping up a good pace and staying focused until it comes time again to take a little breather.

Giving your mind some time to wind down can be an amazing change that can deliver some immediate results as far as performance and overall work contentedness goes. But a lot of people in the modern technological age are taking their breaks in ways that don’t help the mind disengage, so despite taking a 20 minute break, being glued to a few youtube videos has been found to not help us loosen up our brains and relax.

Some people are absolutely glued to their electronics, and we’re sure that some benefit from that consistent lifestyle. But for most people who find themselves mentally exhausted, it really pays to take a walk, read a book, or even stay at your desk and fill out a coloring book, which is yet another great way to help relieve stress and enjoy yourself in a leisurely way.

In the modern age where everyone derives all their media electronically it can seem absurd to use something as simple as a coloring book to wind down, but because we spend so much time working with electronics in the modern workplace, it’s precisely the reason why we need a little analog entertainment in our life whether it be expressing ourselves with drawings or reading a chapter of a good paperback book between workloads. It's also going to give your eyes some much needed rest as an added benefit.

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