The Benefits of Using A Bound [Luxury] Wedding Planner

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Planning for the perfect wedding takes a lot of hard work. It not only involves a ton of preparation, and it's an ongoing process. Wedding planning cannot be done in a single sitting; it's a game of waiting for responses and assessing schedules. Trying to efficiently schedule everything can be quite the challenge. To get the job done you need to have a planning partner that can handle all the aspects of this time-consuming game.

Our recommendation would to make the whole organizational process a memory maker. All the calls, receipts and exchanges are all part of your married legacy. So plan on capturing and preserving those memories with Happily Hitched our ultimate wedding planner. 

Happily Hitched Planner from Kristy Dickerson

During the season of wedding planning you will probably take your planning mate with you wherever you go. You never know when that vendor is going to call you back or when you are going to have to add something to the ever-growing timeline.

With all the carrying around and travel miles acquired, your planner may face some physical abuse. In addition, when considering the amount of times it's going to be flipped open and closed you don't want to buy one that could come apart at the seams. If you are thinking of buying an inexpensive, paperback planner you may want to rethink that strategy; it is likely that such a flimsy wedding planner will not even remain intact by the time your big day rolls around.

In addition to handling the process of wedding planning, there's another reason why it's important to buy a solid planner. You'll want to have it after the wedding to use as well. You'd be surprised how often these books are turned to even after the vows have been exchanged and the last guest has stumbled off the dance floor. The records established during wedding planning will be referred to time and time again.


For example, friends might later want to get the name or number of the fantastic florist you used. Or perhaps someone wants to attain some information about one of your wedding venues you rented out. It's amazing how much idea "borrowing" takes place following a beautiful and memorable wedding.

You also will want to buy a planner that's going to last because there may be things you want to look up later down the road. The saying, "what goes around, comes around," is very much true when it comes to buying important gifts. Perhaps a few years after your wedding a cousin is about to be married. If he or she purchased a lavish gift for your wedding, you'll want to make sure that's documented so that you can return the favor.

Keeping all of these wedding records organized and in one location will serve as an important reference tool well into the future. You'll never know when you will want to look up the specifics of your wedding or even key dates. Hopefully you won't to resort to your planner to look up your anniversary date, but it never hurts to write it down!

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