The Planner With An ROI

The customers that have been with us year after year understand the value because they have felt the difference. With anything, we spend money on what we expect to get a return on our investment (ROI). Whether it be paying for a personal trainer for an hour or a 5-dollar latte, it is a choice and we expect to get value for the time and money spent. We are 100% confident in our STARTplanner System and want to talk for a brief second about why it is $65, when sure you can pick up a standard calendar planner for $10 at your local store.

Three variables to touch on here. 

  1. Content. The System that is inside and what all it is. This is NOT just a planner, where you write in dates. It is a system of content that is carefully thought out. If you go out and get a goal planner, a financial planner, a meal planner, a vacation/holiday planner, and a planner it all starts adding up. But doesn't it all work together? Don't schedules impact your choices for goals, and do your finances determine so much? Which is why our system is all together and all-inclusive. 
  2. The aesthetics. It also is a tool that aesthetically skips no details from gold corners, hard front and back covers, closure bands, pockets tabs with heavy-weight paper, casebound is lay flat casebound, and so much more! These planners have to go through many steps, and even parts of the production are done by hand. In a nutshell, they are not cheap at all to make! We pride ourselves in overachieving your expectations, and this planner has to hold up for planning for 365 days and we skip no corners. 
  3. Where you can save?  We get it... $65 might seem like a lot, but let’s talk about the ROI you are getting when you choose STARTplanner System! Goal setting and accountability partner, vision boards, meal planning, health/fitness, tear-out grocery lists, monthly finance sheets to set budgets, self-care, daily checklists, vacation and holiday planning, and so much more. Plan out groceries for one week and save $40 in excess buying and get healthier. Now let's talk about creating a budget for the year and for the month and cutting unnecessary costs. You do that and save $200 a month ongoing. Getting healthier a goal? It is really hard to even place a value on that. It all starts adding up but we can promise that the 65 you spend will give back to you ten folds in 2023!

Don’t you want to start 2023 by being intentional, aligned, and prepared? Let’s START together and rock out the new year!!

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