The Power of Mornings


What is the first thought that crosses your mind when that alarm goes off in the morning? Do you instantly hit snooze? Do you think of every possible way to keep yourself in your warm comfy bed? Do you just wonder how so many people get up early and get things done? We are here to help!

It's time to get cracking on some changes and start crushing some goals! If getting up earlier is one of them you are not alone and we are going to walk through some ways to get around that hazy morning mind. After that, it's up to you and we KNOW you can do it!

Just like anything, it takes practice and effort to change the way you are living. It is important to take into consideration your way of life. Deciding when to wake up depends on your current activities and responsibilities, not anyone else’s!

Taking the First Steps: It is easy to rationalize when that alarm goes off why to stay in bed. By preparing your body and mindset, you will eventually feel compelled to wake up each morning. Help yourself by placing your alarm clock away from your bed, which can get you up, moving and out of bed to turn it off! After getting up early the challenge is stay up! Keeping a vigorous pace so you don’t lose momentum and become drowsy.

 Cultivate a positive mental environment: We have to trick our minds when we start the habit of waking up early because it is NOT easy!

  • Listen to podcasts, or music to wake your brain up
  • Remind yourself why you are making the decision to get up earlier, writing it down can be very helpful
  • Develop a “get to” attitude
  • Find one reason you are excited about the day
  • Don’t drive your thoughts with guilt about why you have to get up early
  • Make getting up early something you get to do instead of something you have to do
  • Reward yourself at the end of each week if you have hit your goal

Create some accountability: Chances are that someone in your life also struggles with mornings. Find that person and hold each other accountable for getting up in the morning! Text/Call that person each morning with a positive note, phrase or saying encouraging them to get out of bed and they will do the same for you! It is amazing how powerful this can be.

 The night before: The struggle is not all mental. There is a huge physical aspect that works alongside your mental state. The amount, as well as the quality of your sleep can be the most important factor. Going to bed at a reasonable time is obvious, there are other things you can do to prepare yourself for a goods night sleep.

  • Planning out your following day, we (of course) love using our Planners and our 90 days of Start
  • Setting up routines, we have created this FREE dashboard download to help!
  • Picking out your outfit for the next day/week
  • Picturing your ideal morning, what do YOU want your morning to look like
  • Have a waking activity each morning in place
  • Change thoughts like, “I can’t believe I am only going to get 5 hours of sleep” into “I am so thankful I get a full five hours of sleep tonight”. Just this simple change in thought can change your whole mindset
  • Keep electronics away from you!

Take a deep breath and remember changing your lifestyle does not happen overnight; it takes effort and hard work! Stop telling yourself you are “not a morning person” because you ARE and you can be with the right mindset and goals. 

Mornings can be so powerful if used to their fullest potential! Starting your days off earlier, can lead to feeling productive and can make for a more successful day mentally, physically, and emotionally! We are on your side and are cheering you on, you GOT this!!

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