The Value of Bling

 Here at STARTplanner we are ready to help you accessorize your new 2018 planner! We all know that Bling has value, right? We are not talking about diamonds but rather our accessories! Here are some of our favorite Bling items!

Meet your new Gym Pal! This is the perfect sized notebook that pairs perfectly with any of our planners and easy to take on the go. 60 pages to help keep track of all your exercise goals and regimens as well as your daily nutrition.

"Gym Pal in action!"
-Heather Chandler Hernandez 
"My sister and I have been going to the gym together in the mornings, so I bought her a gym pal as a little stocking stuffer for some extra motivation (of course, I had to grab myself one as well #addict This will be her first Start Planner item, I’m sure we will have another addict joining our group! I’m adoring the packaging!!! You guys are amazing!"
-Celeste Bernard



Our Business Partner is designed to set you and your business up for success! If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner the Business Partner Notebook is exactly what you need to go alongside with any of our planners.

 "SHE'S FINALLY HERE! Do the Hustle"
-Naree Carton
"Look what I got today...So funny when we took the poll about casebound versus spiral, I was all spiral. But now...I LOVE my casebound! I’m excited to dive in and prepare for a 2018 that’s in line with what’s most important to me. I’ll spend these last 8 weeks reflecting on 2017 and identifying what I want for 2018. This planner has truly made all the difference. If you’re still on the fence, you can totally hop off now and make that purchase! I’ve tried every planner I think and I always thought something was missing. Not anymore...And with casebound now, my planner will literally never leave my side. Thank you!"
-Cori Brock Cooper



The beautiful Chestnut Brown Carryall is the ideal companion to your Casebound or Spiral Hustle Daily! Keep your planner safe and organized with this stylish bling accessory. Use it to store your Besties, pens/pencils, tape, anything that you use with your planner!

"This Carryall for the Daily Hustle is GORGEOUS! I'm so excited to start using it with my 2017 Hustle!! In case anyone was on the fence about it I thought I'd take some pictures of this beautiful piece"
-Melissa McGill
"Yay for me!!! My Daily Hustle is here! This is my 3rd planner with Start Planner. I began my affair with the FP Daily Grey. Then, 2017 Daily Hustle Grey. But, this year is the best year yet. I love the design, the case bound and don't even get me started on this BFF carrier. I love this group, love getting ideas and the great advice. So excited for 2018, ready to get my Hustle on, hope you are ready, too."
-Cece Bond


Who loves making lists? We do! That is why we created our notepads!

FUEL Notepad is the perfect accompaniment for your grocery store runs, and meal planning!

DELEGATE Notepad is to help delegate things to others in your personal or business life to help simplify your own!

MASTERPLAN Notepad can be used for taking notes on just about anything in your life!

THINK TANK Notepad is to get all your great ideas down on paper!

 "All my goodies arrived today! I’m so excited to become a better me and using Fancy Pants to help me achieve goals!"
-Kyla Ann Miller

The STARTplanner Sidekick is the addition you need to keep all your favorite planner accessories close by! It attaches easily to the front of ANY of our planners. Use it to store your phone, receipts, coupons, pens/pencils! 

Diedre Horn rocking out her Hustle Planner with her favorite accessories. 

 Check out all our awesome Bling accessories here!

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