Top 3 Updates for Mid Year Hustle

Hustle is our original STARTplanner! It has come such a long way and we are continuously looking at every aspect of all the planners to make them as clean, simple, and as functional as possible. 
Here are the top 3 Updates that we have implemented from our 2016 line (Jan-Dec) to our Mid Year Line (July 2016 - June 2017). 
1. Weekends! We completely re-did the weekend spread. A lot of people were saying that they didn't have enough room for everything they had to do on the weekends. Sometimes that is our busiest time. And they were right! We redesigned this entire page still focusing on a weekend top three, your schedule, and weekly grocery list. 
2. Monthly Overview. It is now two spreads! Woot! A common feedback was they needed more room for the monthly spread so we redid it to be two pages in order to give you plenty of room to write and visualize everything you need to tackle at a glance. 
3. Dinner Icon! I love the icons! They are clean, save space, and visually I just like them! 
Now... HUSTLE TIME! :) 


  • Lisa

    I am loving my planner so far! One thing i always have problems with is a place to hold my pen. Not sure how that would look but I am sometimes forever looking for a pen.

    Thank you.

  • Melanie

    Love the looks of your planner overall, I agree with the comments asking for a to do list.
    The main thing I would like to see is an option to get the weekly spread without the times included. I don’t use hour,y planning when planning my day – basically I use a weekly spread as a daily to do list, so I’m looking for no times, and no lines.
    Just a suggestion. :)

  • Shelley Broderick

    I’ve got the original planner from the start of 2016 and I love it! There is something about holding a physical planner in your hands and actually writing things down that helps you stay on track – moreso than a calendar in my phone. I like the changes you have made, although if I could still offer a suggestion with the weekends….I understand that the time section is beneficial to keep schedules moving, but instead of all the grocery space, I would really benefit more from having a “Things to Do” section. My weekends are always crazy and right now there’s nowhere to write those things down so I have to use the Grocery section instead. Oh, and I have also purchased Staedtler fine point marker pens to help me colorize my planner when I am not using a pencil!!! I am excited to see what other changes come with the new 2017 planners! I am going for the Fancy Pants!!! Thanks so much!

  • Audria Lewis

    I’m just getting so excited to get this planner!! Ice told eveyone about it and can’t wait to actually show them!

  • Kim

    I love the new upgrades. I have the original Start Planner and can’t wait for the Fancy Pants 2017.

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