Top At Home Workout Programs 2017

If your schedule is tight, you understand how difficult it can be to make it to the gym, much less get in a quality workout. That’s where at-home workout programs come in. With today's technology, working out at home has never been easier.

These days you can get a great workout in when you have time in your schedule. At-home programs combine intense cardio and body weight resistance to improve your overall fitness in record time. They will also save you time over conventional gym workouts.

So get out your luxury planner and jot down one of these awesome programs to keep you in shape throughout 2017!

Core De Force

If boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other MMA-style fitness programs appeal to you, Core De Force is your friend. In 30 to 45 minutes, you will get in your cardio as well a great core, arm, and leg workout. This heart-pumping fitness program started making the rounds on Instagram around the end of summer this past year and hasn’t stopped. Fans love it!

Focus T25

If you want a great workout in a mere 25 minutes, Focus T25 might be the fitness program for you. Shaun T, creator of Insanity, created this short, intense program for people on a tight schedule. It focuses on giving you an intense full body workout in record time.

22 Minute Hard Corps

Another awesome short program that is popular is the 22 Minute Hard Corps program by Tony Hornton. This program uses military themed training for a quick, thorough workout. If you need a boot camp or don’t want to dance your way to health, 22 Minute Hard Corp is a great option.


Another Shaun T program, Cize is a great workout for people who want to have fun while they get into shape. Cize offers a workout to hip hop music that will have you dripping in sweat and getting fit fast. It is low impact and fun, keeping you up to speed and engaged. It is a more advanced workout than programs such as Zumba. Consider this your warning.

Country Heat

If country music is more your style then Autumn Calabrese has you covered. She created the absurdly popular Country Heat. This dance program incorporates a full body workout while you shuffle through line dances and enjoy county music. Although this program won’t appeal to everyone, it will appeal to country music lovers who want to have fun with their workout.

Bikini Body Guide

BBG is an oldie, but a goodie. Kayla Itsines created the original BBG workout in 2008 at only 18 years old. Now, she is an amazingly successful fitness star that travels the world to exercise with her fans. This program starts out easy, but builds up to challenging exercises that chisel your abs, arms, and legs. This program remains challenging a decade later.

Quick Fitness on Your Schedule

The program you choose is not as important as the fact that it will save you precious time so that you can stay organized and live an active, healthy lifestyle. Grab your luxury planner and schedule one of these awesome body sculpting programs for you next workout session and have fun while you get in shape.
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