Top at Home Workout Programs for Those of Us Who Hate to Work Out

We all know that exercise is good for us. But if you’re like me, then sometimes that knowledge just isn’t enough to get you out of your house and onto the hamster wheel of exercise machines—the treadmill. Exercise classes are equally unappealing. Who likes the thought of getting red-faced and sweaty in front of a bunch of strangers? You do? Oh ok, well this post isn't for you I guess.
Fortunately, there are at-home workout programs for those of us who hate working out. Whether traditional workouts are too boring for you or far too advanced, one of these three programs could be exactly what you are looking for. All three of these workout programs are through Beachbody and are available on DVD or by streaming through Beachbody on Demand.



The first program I came across is Cize by Shaun T, and the tagline says it all: The End of Exercize. Most people know Shaun T from his Insanity workouts, but Cize is much more low intensity. Instead of presenting itself as an exercise class, each Cize workout feels like learning the choreography to a music video. For 30-plus minutes you learn and reinforce the moves, and in the last 3 minutes you put it all together and dance to some of your favorite songs.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to enjoy Cize because it is actually geared towards beginners. During the first week, you learn some foundational moves, with each new workout building on what you have already learned. The best part is that you are working out in the privacy of your own home, so you can really throw yourself into the moves without being afraid of looking foolish. As a bonus, you can also do the 8-minute ab workout at the end so that you know you are getting a full-body workout.

Country Heat


If Top 40s music isn’t your speed but you still want to get your dance on, another fun option I came across is Country Heat by Autumn Calabrese. Each routine is preceded by a Breakdown video in which Autumn breaks down the foundational moves that will be utilized the most throughout that particular workout, though each successive workout will build off of the previous one. To keep the workouts from getting boring and repetitive, each routine features a different country music track list.

Though Country Heat is perhaps the more beginner-friendly of the dance workouts, that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. While the majority of the routines are cardio intensive, you can also work on your strength with the Dance Conditioning routine, which uses your own body weight to tone up your abs, legs, and arms. After all, you don’t need weight machines to get a strong, toned body and there is no reason you can’t have fun while achieving it.

3-Week Yoga Retreat


If dancing and cardio aren’t really your speed, you can work on your balance and flexibility with 3-Week Yoga Retreat. Yoga can be intimidating for a lot of people because not many of us have the strength and flexibility for headstands and pretzel shapes. But 3-Week Yoga Retreat isn’t about headstands and crow poses. Instead, it takes you back to the very basics of yoga. The very first thing you learn is how to sit upright and breath!

With each successive week, you gradually add to your yoga practice, though you aren’t required to progress to a new week if you don’t feel you have mastered the current week yet. Through 3-Week Yoga Retreat, you learn balance, flexibility, and core strength at a pace that you can tailor to your own comfort level.

In short, working out doesn’t have to mean boredom or public humiliation. With one of these three at-home workout programs, working out can be fun and uninhibited! Many of our STARTplanner fans use their planners to keep track of workout results. All STARTplanner products have goal setting, fitness tracking and nutrition sections to help you achieve your goals whatever they are. Food prep help? Yep we can help with that.
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