What Does It Mean To Hustle As A Stay At Home Mom?

Stay at home moms work really hard. It's difficult to understand exactly what it takes to keep a household running smoothly until you've been there, done that. There is really just one word to describe it: hustle. From up at dawn getting the kids to school until trying to squeeze out a couple of hours of alone time after they're in bed, hustling is the only way to make sure it all gets done. The Hustle Daily Planner is the perfect organization assistant for the mothers who really want, or need, to do it all.

Scheduling is at the top of the list when it comes to organizational priorities. Between a husband's demanding work schedule, kids recitals and sports events, doctor and dentist appointments, and important school events, like parent-teacher conferences, moms need somewhere to keep all of these important dates and times. Daily, monthly, and yearly sections help to separate day-long events or time-specific appointments. Monthly divided tabs makes locating the correct month easy.

Keeping a clean house, or at least attempting to, is another item on the job description. The Hustle Daily Planner includes project sheets for tracking when home and vehicle maintenance items are finished or need to be completed. The day-to-day "To Do" lists are helpful with listing daily chores, like remembering to wash a needed sports uniform for the big game. If you have kids- you will know what it is like to step on 1,000 of these guys every single day....
Legos are on my floor all day every day.

Part of living on one income is knowing where your money is going. Additionally, planning ahead is the only way to make your money work for your family. There are many tools in the Hustle Daily Planner to assist with these tasks. The first are the budget sheets. They help you not only to realize how much money you have coming in versus how much is going out but also see what areas can be cut to help your family save money. Another area in the planner that goes hand in hand with cutting expenses is the grocery and meal planning lists. By deciding beforehand what meals will be prepared, the grocery bill can be slashed and food won't go to waste. Furthermore, the planner also contains two folders for holding coupons before shopping and receipts for tracking later.

The more organized a stay at home mom is, the more efficiently the household can operate. One major source of frustration for moms of young children is the amount of clothing that needs to be stored for future use, clothing that is currently being worn, and clothing that needs to be sold or donated. A planner can help with this nuisance by not only creating reminder dates for going through what needs to go but also by keeping track of what kids have in their next size. By knowing what they will have available, shopping sales and clearance items ahead of time allows moms to save money while buying only items that their kids really need.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on the types of things that stay at home moms must stay on top of. A Hustle Daily planner can keep it all in one place with the tools mentioned above and many other page types offered inside. As someone once said, "Good things come to those who hustle."

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