Kristy's 2022 Vision Board and Community Inspiration

Hi Friends Kristy here! I wanted to share with you my vision board for 2022 and share with you others in the community as well!! I believe visions and vision boards are vital for plans and directions in life. It forces you to think, process and re-evaluate different areas. And in the seasons where life throws curveballs, I think it also helps to refocus and remind you why you started. 

I have always done my vision board inside of my dated planner and that is what I would advise if you are using one dated planner for the year. For me, I am using the Quarterly Systems and I also am using my vision board in my office to share with the team, so I decided to go big this year! I also have a lot of moving parts to my life and I wanted to share those pieces with you all and some of my created process as well. 

I created a video to give you ideas on ways that you can vision board and how I even use my Quarterly to carry it forward into 90 day vision boards that are action steps. I am not that creative, and also wanted to show that you don't have to be. Print off things, cut out of magazines and do whatever to make it your own!  Below you will also find others from the community and their vision boards! 

 Here is the video! 


In addition to this video, on Instagram we also created a short reel! Check that out! 

I like starting with pencil and just laying everything out into sections. On the right you can see where I used the Start Bookmark to break up the year into 4 quarters... and I also use it all the time to sketch straight lines! 

 Breaking down visions and goals one area at a time. I broke mine up into my companies and 25% of my board to being personal goals and picking a word for the year which is simplicity! 


Then every quarter, I use my Quarter to bullet point creating lists of visions of accomplishments that align. 

 Here is my overall board! 

I also wanted to share others from the community. There is not a wrong or a right just want to encourage you that if you have not done yours yet to make it happen! 

Vision Board Inspiration from our START community! 

Kelsey N. 

Melamela D. 


Kate M.


Kendra M. (in process) 


Erin N. 


Kelsey N. 

Magda B. 


Bethany K. 

There is no wrong or right! If you haven't taken a moment to do your vision board, I highly encourage you to do so! It forces you to think, and it should be a reference point throughout the year that you can look at. 

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