Want to Be a Digital Nomad? Start Planning Now!

Does the idea of running your office from the beach excite you? How about working while soaking in the atmosphere of the cobbled streets and historic buildings of Europe?

If either of these images excites you, then working as a digital nomad may be the right career move for you! Being a digital nomad means you get to embark on a life of adventure, travel, and flexibility. For many people, living this lifestyle means living their dream.

However, you can't skip right to sipping pina coladas at the beach. To become a digital nomad, you have to put in the work first.


So what exactly do you need to do to achieve this dream laptop lifestyle?

You need to start planning, right now. While the lifestyle is a dream, getting to the dreamy lifestyle is going to be tough. You need to be prepared to work hard, work smart, and make sacrifices.

Keep reading this article to learn what you need to do to make your nomad lifestyle a reality.


1. Find the Right Work For You

Unfortunately, not every profession is suitable for the nomadic lifestyle. For example, if you're a dentist, it's pretty much impossible for you to take this career on the road.

If you have a profession that you can't do from your laptop, you need to start thinking about a new career trajectory. Ideally, you'll also want one that can be done during anytime zone. Trying to pull off a 9-5 New York work hours while you're partying it up in Bali will not be fun.

Blogging, online marketing, and copywriting are a few avenues worth exploring.


2. Plan Your Attack

Once you have a career in mind, you need to plan your attack meticulously.

While those living the laptop lifestyle may seem carefree, most are actually intense planners.

You need to learn anything and everything you can about your planned destination. You should join online groups for expats and travelers, follow local news sites, investigate housing options, and stock up on any necessary medications.


3. Understand Visa Regulations

This step is the most critical, as you can get in huge trouble for violating visa regulations.

Before traveling to a country, make sure you know if you need to obtain a visa beforehand, if you can get one on arrival, or if you need one at all. You can look at the US State Department website for details or contact an embassy near you.

4. Be Open-Minded

No matter how much you read up on your chosen destination, you need to be prepared for some level of culture shock when you arrive.

Moving countries is entirely different than moving cities, so don't think you're an experienced traveler if you've moved a couple times domestically.

Whether it's a different political perspective or a different way of greeting people, you need to be prepared to embrace the new.


5. Take the Plunge

Once you have your laptop lifestyle all planned out, it's time to take the plunge! Get your tickets and go for it!

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